Equity Token Offering Development, advantages of ETO (Infographics)


On contrary to the traditional IPO and ICO, the new generation of the fund-raising method is emerging worldwide. Do you hear the word Equity token offering? Yes. That’s it. Being one of the impressive fund-raising models, it attracts the lots of accredited investors to apply for the investment.

Due to its legalized and security nature, the Equity Token Development has been on the peak. It is composed of both the IPO, ICO, and venture capital. Have a look at this below.


Developing a new project or business by fund-raising capital investment through the public stock offering. Every investor becomes a shareholder. They have equal rights to get dividend shares.


The new era of raising funds through blockchain technology. The funds have been assigned to the tokens or cryptocurrency and circulated. There is no legal compliance and tight verification process.

Venture capital

Applicable for any kind of start-ups or companies. The accredited investors are provided with the shareholder rights and able to get the rewarded shares from the company in which they invested.

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Reference: Equity Token Offering Infographics

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