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STO Marketing Services - STO Exchange Listing services
Cryptocurrency Tokens

STO Marketing Services - STO Exchange Listing services

STO Exchange Listing Process

The process concerned in the listing of security tokens is thorough, however ultimately profitable.

Our direct channels of communication with cryptocurrency exchanges have junction rectifier to a comprehensive understanding of the STO listing method.

Security Exchanges square measure a special breed, geographical location and institutional vs public sale can impact that exchanges square measure regulated to simply accept STO’s.

As such, the quantity of exchanges willing to simply accept STO’s is much less.

Pre-listing method for security tokens which is able to be listed and on the market for commerce when regulative approval includes assessment of compliance with the definition of the economic instrument, prospectus directive, match take a look at on the institution, and alternative relevant checks.

Listing needs vary per exchange – however, a token assessment is going to be key. Our connections and knowledge have allowed the U.S. to make a knowledge domain of specifically that needs every exchange has, what they're searching for, and also the queries you may be asked.

Listing Fee:

Listing fees are typically depending on

1) the exchange in question 2) the pairings.

Like most components of Associate in Nursing STO exchange listing – this varies. The project perceived liquidity, and pairings can all issue into the fee. Also, some exchanges don't have any listing fees, for the correct businesses.

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