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Security Token Development Company
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Security Token Development Company

Best Security Token Offering Services To Raise your Funds Legally !!

Having a plan to create own STO? You have just reached the best STO development company, Here we assist you to launch Security Token Offering(STO) from the scratch to end and also offering lifetime support to by providing variety of Security Token Development(STO) services.

Before getting ownership of STO, you need to know everything about STO and their benefits and features. Let take a glance in detail.


  • What is STO?
  • How STO is used for market?
  • Features of security token offering
  • How STO overcomes ICO?
  • Coinjoker-Security Token Offering Development Solution   

What is Security Token Offering(STO)?

Security Token Offering(STO) are published by an industry wishing to raise funds. STO acting same as the ICO. The main advantage is that security tokens are supported by legitimate resources and it undergoes in current security laws and control.

How STO is used for business and market?

STO for Real Estate Asset:

The tokenization of reality can increase liquidity and may be simply listed with a lot of ease. 

Moreover, it will uncover the foremost unresolved problems like liquidity and that’s the rationale why security token offerings came into the image to tokenize illiquid assets. With the arrival of security tokens, each plus from dwellings to equities will be simply securitized with relevance statutory compliance for a specific country.

STO for Stocks

  • A security token here is diagrammatic by the company’s equity, so-referred to as share certificates which offer a lot of security to investors sort of a share during a company.
  • This plays a significant role for regulative authorities at a Nearly stage, therefore, we tend to sought-after contact with the relevant authorities and have its compliance checked.
  • The tokenized share certificates of the corporation can, in future, be listed and tradable at completely different security token exchanges.

Features of Security Token Offering(STO)

Every security token has got to follow Security Token Standards to represent a real-world object and our adept team is well versed to develop climbable blockchain and good contracts on the best platforms: Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar as per the necessities and rules followed in an exceedingly specific country.


Blockchain confirms that each one the conditional transactions are often simply seen by the money regulators. The advantages of a clear system facilitate the crypto market underneath the compass of government regulation.

Legally Compliant Tokens

The issued tokens are embedded with smart contracts having the laws of the registered jurisdiction code. These carries with it the legal framework of fundraising, capitalist qualification rules and dealings limits on transfer.

Global Investor Participation

Issuance corporations face problems throughout the secondary commercialism once numerous countries square measure concerned. Security tokens may be listed across countries with the thought that the tokens issued should adjust with securities laws. The token sales and secondary commercialism square measure developed with the conditions written on the good contract.


We have developed a technology that allows the issue corporations to reissue tokens to the capitalists if the investor loses their case keys based mostly upon bound terms and conditions. The case should suit the legal necessities. Capitalist should have the proper to reclaim the lost tokens.

How Security Token Offering overcomes ICO? 


  • Positive network effect
  • The project can potentially raise funds in a much easier manner since there is no entry barrier
  • The team members use their own blockchains to manage the funds raised and to distribute the token accordingly in an automated and simple way.
  • The marketing is solely digital by using the company website, social media, various messaging apps, and other online forums.
  •  It is also beneficial for investors when the crypto becomes popular, creating more liquidity for them.
  • The ICO’s are not officially regulated by the officials so the potential investors do not have a legal alternative if funds are lost.


  • STO’s are actually registered with the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • More secure compared to an ICO as SEC only allows projects that are reasonable and serious about the aim.
  • STO’s are raising the potential of more blockchain projects to succeed as funding is generally the critical obstacle standing in the way of their potential and success.
  • It helps the blockchain project to be aligned with the government regulations and even have the potential to end the ‘’conflict’’ between the regulators and the blockchain community.
  • STO’s are the sale of tangible securities such as assets, profits or revenue of the start-up. Let’s outline the advantages and disadvantages of STO:
  • The market experts are highly confident as the predicted market cap is $10 trillion by 2020.

Benefits of Security Token Offering(STO) Development Services:

As an owner of security token offering, you can attain the below benefits of developing a own STO from our coinjoker solution providers.

  • You can get Complete STO Details
  • Verification of KYC/AML
  • Entire registry of stack holders, investors
  • Records about funding.
  • Investors dashboard and verification
  • Project whitepaper and more

Offers various Types of STO Development Methodologies:

  • Equity Token Offering(ETO) Development
  • Reserve Asset Token
  • Debt Token.

End-End STO Services:

  • Create your own STO (Pre STO and Post STO)
  • Security Token Offering Development(STO)
  • STO Exchange Development
  • STO Wallet Development
  • STO Marketing

How Coinjoker guides you to launch your own STO?

Coinjoker-Dedicated Developers To Create your own Security Token Offering (STO) Development

Our blockchain team consists of professional and dedicated developers, designers and digital marketers who assist help you create the perfect Security Token to which would exactly suitable with your any business or market concept/idea. 

While our blockchain developers do tokenization we take care of some important aspects

1. Type of real estate.

2.  on the property.

3. The ratio of tokenization.

4. A suitable smart contract for automation.

5. Keeping track of the token holder’s record.

6. Federal and state regulatory and tax requirements.

We can assist you to create associate degree end-to-end security token providing platform, which can assist you to lift funds for your property project.

We are providing STO Marketing also!!

Contact our experts to develop your STO

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