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ICO Script Software To Build Your Own ICO Website
Cryptocurrency Tokens

ICO Script Software To Build Your Own ICO Website

In the recent past days, The cryptocurrencies and ICO markets have grown rapidly. These markets including local, national and international and also an ever-broadening range of participants and products. The participants are mostly the past participants and present investors whose idea to make successful in their ICO business markets.

Reader, You are also one to build your own ICO business website at the cost-effective budget with the higher security and most advanced features?

Where to buy the advanced ICO script?

Coinjoker- ICO website script with the immense end-end features with cutting technology for business starters. So, every individual, businessman, and entrepreneurs are having an idea to build an initial coin offering platform, make it with our readymade ico script.

ICO Script Software must be proven and tested before you implement on a website. Make sure the ICO script would accept multi-currency, by supporting multiple languages. And also keep on the check, ICO script offers multiple-payment gateway and Multi-wallet support for storing and cryptocurrency transactions. The following three technology platforms are important for ICO website.

1. Ethereum ERC20 Tokens.

2. Ethereum Classic ERC20 Tokens

3. Counterparty

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic ERC20 tokens both have the same smart contract concepts. But, you should the smart contract with multi-signature wallet support under the secure blockchain technology.

The counterparty is a template system, which means you’re trading flexibility for confidence in the smart contract. Counterparty technology uses the Bitcoin blockchain to exchange and create custom tokens and execute smart contracts. This enables it to use the secure and popular Bitcoin blockchain. This brings in a lot of reliability and security to the whole process.

• Counterparty wallets

• Bitcoin aware - Counterparty smart contracts

• Lightning Network

• Digital asset creation

• Decentralized Exchanges

Advanced Features of ICO Script Software:

You may think, what are the additional advantages of buying ICO script, let me explain the features below.

• ERC20 Tokens Development

• Smart contracts development

• Blockchain Technology

• Token sale distribution system by your own

• Ethereum Wallet development

• Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Development

Top ICO Business Features!

• White-paper Creation

• ICO (Pre-Sale, Post Sale)

• Affiliate or Referral Options

• Multiple Payment Methods

• Multi-Sig Wallet Support. 

Launch Your Own ICO Website With Coinjoker!

Coinjoker is the best professionals to build ICO script with the latest business technologies. They are handling more risks to provide you the best ICO website with highest reliability and robustness.

"We know the value of your money and dreaming of building ICO website."

So, we are here to guide you to launch your Own ICO website from the scratch, which makes every businessman, to get success in their ICO business website and make stand out from the business crowd.


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