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How much does it cost to build a P2P Exchange like Localbitcoins?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How much does it cost to build a P2P Exchange like Localbitcoins?

Localbitcoins is transforming the way of trading cryptocurrencies locally and overcomes the obstacles in the buy and sell process. It has a great feedback structure that makes trustworthy and easy trading on the platform.

If you have an idea to get a LocalBitcoins Clone Script with Escrow Application, the only question is where to get a LocalBitcoins Clone Script in a cost-effective budget??

There are many companies providing cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts like LocalBitcoins in an ideal price. Instead of developing from scratch, Choose the best solutions provider and buy a readymade script from them, customize the design, connect payment tools and launch a marketing campaign.

We at Coinjoker have a great set of experience in delivering Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Solutions which are created as per the client's requirement. you can build your own exchange in just a few months at a cost-effective budget! Our Clone Script has some additional features that we believe even Localbitcoins doesn't have, we've built that too.bit

Additional features in our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

  • Buy or sell bitcoin using 120+ fiat currencies
  • Four KYC verification levels
  • Trade crypto in 250+ countries worldwide
  • Bank transfers (SEPA, BPay, Interac, etc.)
  • Accepted Cryptos (BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC)
  • Options for choosing the desired countries and languages.
  • Ad Based Trading 
  • Online/Offline Trade
  • Recurring buy of cryptocurrency option.
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policy.   
  • Rich UI & informational landing page.
  • CSRF protection and secured storage protocol.

Why traders mostly prefer to go with  LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Localbitcoins exchange has a high market capitalization that increases on a daily basis. All Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoins have gain popularity mode of payment transfer. This is because most of the people started earning money via bitcoins. Similarly, Local bitcoin Clone Script helps to accomplish you to Start your own Bitcoin Trading Website. This clone script allows buy and sell any cryptocurrencies for local buyers as well as international transactions and pay the respective party with fiat or any other cryptocurrency.

Make your own Bitcoin Exchange Business Website with a safe Escrow Application. The right bitcoin escrow script will always lead your bitcoin exchange business to a success level.. Our Localbitcoins exchange clone script helps you to create and manage your exchanger site and also helps the people who own their personal websites, for bringing you additional income. 


  • No LocalBitcoins fees for buying, selling or signing up
  • Easy-to-understand reputation and rating system
  • Escrow and dispute resolution service for maximum protection

Cost range of Building Business Like LocalBitcoins

The minimum cost for developing the script may starts from $3500 and it varies according to your requirements on customization to execute proper trading. Apart from the inbuilt security features, the customization of additional features will be added to the purchase cost. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the cost may get varied based on the added plug-ins, API's and other personalized trading features.

If you want to get bug free and fully secured LocalBitcoins like crypto trading website your invested money is the only thing for your future income. Get the fully effective customized LocalBitcoins clone script at an affordable price rather than losing your traders in the risky platform at a cheap budget.

How long does it take to build Bitcoin Exchange like LocalBitcoins?

Below you can find the estimated cost and budget to build the product.
UX Design & UI Integration – 300 hrs
Wireframing & Prototyping – 600 hrs
Web application development like LocalBitcoins –1000 hrs
Customer’s Queries Gathering & management – 220 hrs
Web application development like LocalBitcoins –1000 hrs
Client requirements according to their place, customer demands – 700 hrs
QA testing – 220 hrs

Thus our developers need a minimum of 3040 hrs to build the web and mobile application like LocalBitcoins. We need approximately 4 months to build cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins from the developing date. 

Get in touch with us to start your own trading platform now!

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