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How much does it cost to build crypto exchange like binance?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How much does it cost to build crypto exchange like binance?

Everyone knows that, Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platform when compared to the other cryptocurrency exchanges present in the world. The cryptocurrency exchange website’s business application widely handles with numerous number of cryptocurrencies which done through crypto to crypto trade.

The popular binance exchange platform everyday gains huge number of traders, exchangers and even gains new users attention in the world of digital currencies. The blockchain technology and IOTA things owing to its low trading charges, easy UI design and impressive crypto coin offers during exchanges.

Prominent Functionalities in Binance Clone Script

  • High Performance for Crypto Trading
  • All Options are Covered for Traders
  • Offers Safety, Stability for Cryptos
  • MultipleLanguage, Multilingual Support for easy trading
  • High Liquidity ( Capable for processing 1,400,000 orders / second )
  • Multiple-Coin Support

If you have an idea to start popular binance exchange platform with multi secure features to make your transactions possible at right time and right person.

Binance – The past transactions in the binance cryptocurrency exchange platform has proven itself by enhancing the large number of crypto transactions and users in the crypto exchange platform which increases their revenue because they built their approached correctly.

The number of binance exchange services increased but the quality of some resources services can still be a question. That is why all cryptopreneurs are are searching for the best binance clone script for their startups and businesses besides they want to create a high-quality cryptocurrency trading app like binance, it is an innovative idea for faster transactions.

If you wanna start crypto exchange like binance with top most security features, you have to consider the security features of our binance clone software which have been bought at a cost-effective budget.

Security Features of Binance Clone Script:

Upgraded features of binance clone script are:

1.    Whitelabeled Crypto Trading Solutions

2.    Binance DEX Exchange

3.    Various Trading Orders like Limit order, Stop order and Market Order

4.    Basic, Advanced and Pro Trading Interfaces

5.    Initial Exchange Offerings ( IEO ) Integrated

6.    Initial Coin Offering (ICO) integrated

7.    Cryptocurrency mobile wallet Integration

8.    Multi-Lingual and Multicryptocurrency Integration

9.    Faster and Secure 125X Trading 

10. Margin Crypto Trading API

11. CryptoTrading Bot

12. Liquidity API

13. Crypto2Crypto Trading ( Beta Version)

14. Instant Buy/Sell Feature

15. Supports Unlimited types of Tokens

16. Perpetual Swaps

17. Upgraded Crypto Staking and Lending Features

18. 24 Hours Live Trade Charts

19. Referral options

20. Secure Admin Panel

21. User-Friendly CMS

22. Advanced UI/UX

Security Features 

1.    2 Factor Authentication

2.    MultiSig Wallet Integration

3.    Google Authentication

4.    SMS authentication settings

5.    Market Making

6.    Atomic Swaps

7.    Withdrawal address management

8.    Mobile Trading, Android, IOS and Windows app

9.     Email Verifications

How long time to build crypto exchange like binance?

Please find the estimated timeline and budget to build the product.

  • Customer’s Queries Gathering & management – 220 hrs
  • Wireframing & Prototyping – 600 hrs
  • UX Design & UI Integration – 300 hrs
  • Web application development like binance –1000 hrs
  • Client requirements according to their place, customer demands – 700 hrs
  • QA testing – 220 hrs

Our developers need min 3040 hrs to build the web and mobile application like binance. We need approximately 4 months to build cryptocurrency exchange like binance from the developing date. 

The Cost range of Building Business Like Binance :

It will cost you around minimum starts from $3,500 USD and it various according to the above mentioned extra security features and upgraded beneficial options for your convenience in crypto trading platform. If you wanna get bug free and fully secured binance like crypto exchange website your invested money is the only thing for your future income. Get the fully effective customized binance clone script at an affordable price rather than losing your traders in risky platform at cheap budget.

Get an affordable binance DEX clone script price !!

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