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Coinjoker -  A complete cryptocurrency exchange script with the name of cryptocurrency exchange solution. By using this cryptocurrency exchange script you can easily set up an own cryptocurrency exchange website. Cryptocurrency businessman witnessed our bitcoin exchange script can help them to start their bitcoin and altcoin exchange & trading business in online or offline & all over the globe.

Coinjoker is unique than other bitcoin exchange script:

Coinjoker come up with some special functionalities like token creation and exchanging, Smart contracts, Trading bot, blockchain2.0 technology,  Escrow services and dispute resolution, Online /Offline trading and add-ons to make our bitcoin exchange script unique than other solutions.

Online/Offline cryptocurrency exchange script:

Coinjoker’s main goal is to avoid the spamming activities and hacking in your cryptocurrency exchange website. When cryptocurrency transactions come to online there is a free root to attackers. So, coinjoker concentrate on cryptocurrency trading platform security features like dispute resolution, two-factor authentication and wallet integration after the continuous research, we added lots of features for cryptocurrency trading with excellent crypto exchange script.

All Traders and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts are known about cryptocurrency exchange trading will happen only through online. But coinjoker breaks the record and announced that cryptocurrency Trading can be done even through Offline Mode”. Interested cryptocurrency trading people who have fear to make a trade with online can go with offline mode.

Various cryptocurrency business models like:

  • Security token Offering Platform (STO)
  • Tron Dapp Development
  • ERC720/721 token creation.
  • Blockchain Development solutions
  • Decentralized exchange script (DEX)
  • Equity Token Offering (ETO)
  • Multichain and Dual Chain Development company
  • DEX/Dapp with cosmos network
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
  • Popular clone scripts like binance, poloneix, and coinbase.
  • Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchange business.
  • Whitelabel solutions
  • Smart contract audit.

You can build your cryptocurrency exchange business website with an instant and readymade solution?? Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange script is the best choice for fresh entrepreneurs to step up their own cryptocurrency world without any struggles.

How will the offline mode bitcoin trading works?

Buy or sell bitcoin or cryptocurrency locally with the direct dollar. Here the seller or buyer can directly meet each other. in their local place and can make exchanges with their bitcoins. If you want to get more details, just see our demo.

Escrow script is not just about security:

Coinjoker added escrow services to providing secure cryptocurrency transactions. Coinjoker also enabled the blockchain2.0 method. Buyer and seller agree to the terms & conditions. Escrow buyer pays to the escrow then seller notified & verified the buyer's payment. After verification success buyer received the bitcoins from escrow admin. The seller can get the dollar from escrow admin.

Do you know one thing, Escrow Script is not just about security. This is a success key of the trading website. Security & controlled transaction trade owner will be a millionaire in the future.

Coinjoker provides new solutions and fresh ideas for successful trading. Don't miss out this free gift for your successful trading! 

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