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Various Technology Stack for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development - Coinjoker
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Various Technology Stack for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development - Coinjoker

Everyone knows Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency remains hot commodity on digital stage. People used to continue to get the digital coins and token for to increase their business scale. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency increased its part in exchange and trading business and developed its process towards the updated business modules like Dapp Development, blockchain development, trading bot development, smart contract mlm development and more.

How do you start your bitcoin exchange platform?

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform where cryptocurrencies are traded among the users or between the administrator of the exchange who sells and buys the token from them. Those cryptocurrency exchnage platform is made by bitcoin exchange script, bitcoin exchange script is the ready to deploy solutions for entrepreneurs to build their own crypto exchange business website.

What is Cryptocurrency exchange script?

Cryptocurrency exchange script is a complete source code with frontend and backend functionalities that could build a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Exchange Script helps every normal people to develop their crypto exchange platform like popular website like binance, coinabse, localbitcoins and more.

Bitcoin exchange script makes no effort and no worries to manage their traders and assets. It makes everything possible in crypto exchange platform and earns more profit with low investment at down to earth cost !!

Cryptocurrency exchange script is built by various technology stack to build your platform at your desire technology stack. Every technology stack has an unique functionalities and responsibilty and efforts to produce an smarter output.

What is Crypto Exchange Technology Stack?

First you need to know what is technology stack completely and what its purpose.
A Crypto Exchange Tech Stack is a set of tools that are used to construct and power an application to build crypto exchange platform. It consists of a combination of software applications, frameworks, and programming languages that realize some aspects of the program to start an entire crypto exchange platform website.


Structure-wise, tech stack consists of two equal elements. One is frontend or client-side; the other is server-side or backend. Combined, they create a stack.

What things you should  know about the crypto technology stack?

If you want to build cryptocurrency exchange platform with a particular technology stack you need to consider these below requirements should present in your choosen tehnology stack. Which makes your crypto exchange platform with high speed performance.

Scalability Requirements

It is essential to understand that there are two types of scalability both are important for your product growth — vertical and horizontal.

Vertical scalability means adding more elements to an application.
Horizontal scalability means the capability of running on more devices.


Performance Requirements :

Performance requirements depend on how fast the system can react and how many requests the system can process at what rate.


Budgeting the tech stack is probably the trickiest thing in the entire development process.
You should consider these things while choosing right technology stack for crytocurrency exchange development


  • Hosting costs for keeping the product
  • Developers' salaries
  • Technology education & licensing fees
  • Subsequent maintenance costs

Benefits of Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Crypto Exchange 

Choosing the right tech stack for your application can be beneficial to your crypto exchange business in many ways. 

The benefits of choosing the right tech stack are: 

  • The base performance of your product or software will be solid. 
  • Your developer will able to code better and faster, and you’ll be able to retain the same developers for future projects. 
  • Your software's codebase will be easy to maintain while choosing wrong stacks leads to additional maintenance costs and technical debts. 
  • The stack will be well documented and it will be easy to fix common bugs and/or performance issues.

Various Technology Stack of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

Coinjoker - Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company follows those below mentioned technology stack for  building crypto exchange platform for web and mobile applications. Our 10+ years experienced crypto developers analyzed and developed 250+ projects in various technology and satsified clients and get positive feedback from them over the worldwide. 

Our various technology stacks used for crypto exchange platform are:

For Web Application:

You can use these below technology stack to build your cryptocurrency exchange website 

1.LAMP - Linux Server, Apache,Mysql DB , Php 
For website : PHP - Laravel / Codeigniter
2.MEAN Stack:
Mongo DB , Express JS , Angular js , Node js
Technology Stack : [ Applications] 



Tool: Android Studio 3.1.3(Latest Version)
Language: Kotlin
Web Service: REST API's
Web Service Format: JSON Format
Database: Back-end database (MySql)
SQLite local database
Room local database(Updated Database)
Design: Material Design



Tool - Xcode 9.3
Language - Swift (4.2)
Webservice - AFNetworking, Swifty JSON, Alamofire.
Format - JSON
DB - Mysql
Design - MVC, MVVM
General Functions - APNS Notifications, Firebase Notifications, Cloudinary, Payment getaways, Yoti, SDWebImage, etc...


To Increase your Performance on Crypto Exchange Site :

We follow the below mentioned steps to increase performance for web applications, android and ios.

  • Speed up API calls
  • Fastest image loader
  • Avoid Memory leaks
  • UI performance
  • Reduction of APK size

Contact our experts below to build your cryptocurrency exchange platform on your desired technology stack !!


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