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Revenue Generating Business Models in Crypto Exchange Platform
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Revenue Generating Business Models in Crypto Exchange Platform

The first digital currency bitcoin has been been launched to bring more revenue for cryptocurrency traders and their investors. Everyone knows that cryptocurrency has the best source of income than fiat currencies. You can get revenue as more than you expected.

But you want to enter into the cryptocurrency, you must know the various cryptocurrency exchange and revenue business models for proper investing. Probably, the price of cryptocurrency has been constantly increasing, it gains more interest for every people to start cryptocurrency exchange business. This fantastic cryptocurrency has filled the pockets of the investors!

If you are one such investor or trader interested to start bitcoin exchange business and planning to earn more income within short duration time, then this article is for you! Come, let us move in-depth to know more!

Know Your Desired Business Models Here!! 

What is a Bitcoin Exchange Business Website?

At first, if you are a fresher to the crypto space, know what a Bitcoin Exchange Business actually is?

With bitcoin exchange platform, any investors and traders can make digital currencies exchanges like buy, sell or trade the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly to gain benefits!

The crypto exchange platform, the sellers will try to sell the cryptocurrencies at a higher rate while the buyers will expect to buy them at a lower rate. The buying and selling details of buyers and sellers will be stored in the history order book. The pending trade orders will be displayed for further knowledge of trading. If you place the automatic trading bot, then your trading will be completed automatically, when your requirements are satisfied.  

When the buyer or seller places the same price, the orders will be automatically executed. After the cryptocurrency exchange placing orders has been processed and the appropriate amount of fee has taken as a commission for crypto exchange.

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Crypto Exchange Solutions like 

Various types of revenue models in cryptocurrency exchange

Here we listed some features which can be integrated on the P2P Orders based Trading 

Liquidity - Fetching the external trading orders from the other cryptocurrency exchange website to showcase the user trading volume on your crypto exchange platform

Dynamic Pairing Tool

Dynamic pairing tool helps to add & pair ERC20 tokens to the crypto exchange from the admin panel at anytime without any technical assistance

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

IEO is a type of listing & selling the new Coins and Tokens with the value determined by the Coin owner or Admin able to gets the revenue from the Coin owner for showcasing & selling the Tokens

Margin Trading & Lending

Volume Bot – Volume bot is used to increase the trading volume of any pairs

User Bot – User bot is nothing but it allows the users to utilize the bot to gain the profit. In this system, admin gets revenue for each user subscribing in crypto exchange platform.

Dynamic Pairing Tool:

Integrating the Dynamic pairing tool to the P2P Orders based crypto trading platform which helps the website Admin to add tokens & pair those with the desired Cryptos. Advantages of adding dynamic pairing tool:

Addition of each ERC20 Token to the exchange platform requires fees for Token integration with Pair creation, but this is not required You can add any number of Tokens and pair that with Cryptos anytime.
There is no technical assistance required, since everything can be done from the Admin Panel.

Advantages of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Initial Exchange Offering allows the new Token/Coin owners to sell their coins to the users through your crypto exchange.

1. The new Token/Coin owner can contact the website admin to list and sell their coin (as in ICO).
2. The Website admin (i.e. You) can update the same to us to integrate the wallet and start the IEO sale.
3. The period of sale can be determined by the Website Admin (after discussing with the coin/Token owner).
4. During the sale period, the exchange users can purchase the Tokens/Coins using BTC or ETH on the platform.
5. After the sale period, the BTC or ETH received for the Token sale will be sent to the Token/Coin owner.

Inorder to sell the new Coin/Token through the crypto exchange, the website admin can get fee from the coin owner.


Volume bot feature can be managed by the main admin solely or the main admin can provide his access for the sub admin to manage the volume bot.

  • The Bot orders are matched with the trading volumes in the crypto exchange
  • The managing admin can enable the Bot feature in the required pairs they wants
  • Bot features can be uniquely maintained for each trading pair in crypto exchange
  • Bot orders can be performed through virtual dummy balance (of sub Admin/Admin) or virtual real balance (of sub Admin/Admin)        

How to manage the trading BOT feature in crypto exchange?

  • Admin should provide for each pair
  •  Select the trading Pair
  •   Enter the Volume to be reached for that pair
  •   Maintain relevant balance for the corresponding pair
  •   Enter the interval to post each order (Buy & Sell)

Advantages of trading bot

Trade Bot can be utilized by the Users of the Exchange

  •  Each User can enable or disable the Bot for all his favorite Trading pairs (listed on the platform)
  •  Bot orders are matched with the Bot orders only
  •  Bot feature (Value, order type, etc) can be managed uniquely for each Trading pair
  •  Bot orders can perform only with the real balance of the User

Managing BOT feature User should provide for each pair

             1. Select the trading Pair/s
             2. Enter the order type, minimum & maximum value the trading pair, etc  for that pair
             3. Maintain relevant balance for the corresponding pair
             4. Enter the interval to post each order (Buy & Sell)


How to implement liquidity in your crypto exchange platform. Let us explain the example of kraken website to implement liquidity in crypto exchange platform.

1. Platform A - is your crypto exchange platform
2. Platform B, let's say Kraken, - another platform to be connected via API.

Platform A allows to register, upload KYC documents and be taker/maker every user. Let's imagine that you have 1000 users. Connection via Kraken can be done only through one account. That's mean the connection between 2 platforms will be many users (your platform) to one user (your account on Kraken). This is the only one way to allow sharing liquidity in your crypto exchange platform.

To build liquidity in your crypto exchange platform you should have the following things:

1. Have your own reserved assets on Kraken
2. Connect via API

We can get entire order book from Kraken and show it on your new crypto exchange platform which you have built, but if your user decided to accept it, he sends money to your platform but in the meantime, you (as an owner) have to accept that order on Kraken from your own account.

As a businessman, if you have an idea to generate more revenue to your crypto exchange platform you can choose the above listed trading features which make more make passive income to your crypto exchange.

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