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What are the upgraded Security Features implemented in Crypto Exchange Software 2021?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

What are the upgraded Security Features implemented in Crypto Exchange Software 2021?

For investors, cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming a highly attractive business. We'll look at the most important security features of crypto exchanges in this blog, as well as the top crypto exchange security features.

Aware of the Market for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you're thinking about investing in crypto exchange platforms, keep in mind that you could regret your decision.

Experts advise that when researching digital cryptocurrency companies and startups, make sure they're blockchain-powered, which means they track precise transaction data. Any cryptocurrency exchange hack has a harmful impact on the value of cryptocurrencies as well as the crypto exchange's reputation. Hackers aren't just interested in stealing money.

Many hacks are performed in order to devalue a cryptocurrency. To avoid thefts, you must consider security from the beginning of the cryptocurrency exchange platform development. Criminal abilities & knowledge are improving, and their methods of theft are becoming more advanced. The most significant security aspects for crypto exchanges are listed below.

Upgraded Security Features in Crypto Exchange Software Development 

Many people will normally invest their money in cryptos on a crypto trading platform. If you plan to launch a crypto exchange platform using white label crypto exchange software, you can avoid hacking and scams by incorporating effective security mechanisms into the platform. For a secure white label crypto exchange software, there are a few key security considerations to consider.

2FA(Two-Factor Authentication)
Two-factor authentication is a well-known security feature that may be implemented in a wide range of digital platforms. In all edge-cutting crypto exchanges, this function serves as a secondary security mechanism. This feature is used by all of the most popular social networking apps and websites for high-end security. Users can only complete the crypto transaction after entering two verification passwords.

The main benefit is that the white-label crypto exchange software allows you to create your own password. As a result, this function adds to the security of user’s cryptocurrency exchange accounts. And, you can incorporate this security feature into your cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can protect yourself from cyber-attacks and third-party interference.

Registry Lock
Registry Lock is mostly used as an extra layer of security for crypto trading platforms. This function aids in the domain name's locking. It also allows the owner of the domain name to lock the information on the domain. Only 2% of existing crypto exchanges have this capability, according to's survey. This type of check is carried out entirely amongst the three in this feature. The domain registrant (you), the registrar (your service provider), and the registry are all examples of these entities. So you may acquire high-end security for your crypto exchange site by deploying a registry lock.

Security Extension
DNSSEC is a security extension for your cryptocurrency exchange that protects the information on your domain from hackers. Business owners must utilise digital signatures to validate DNS data and keep the platform running smoothly with this security upgrade. Signatures might be public, private, or a combination of both.

DNSSEC is primarily used to verify and confirm data's authenticity, as well as to safeguard users from malicious websites that steal data or follow users through excessive cookies. It is a comprehensive security feature that crypto platform owners must have in order to provide a seamless trading experience.

Internet Web Security Protocol
There are various web security protocols, each with its own function. It's critical to use the HSTS (Hyper Strict Transport Security) protocol, which is similar to HTTPS, to protect the crypto exchange from hackers. This approach aids business owners in preventing click-jacking attacks in any way feasible.

CSP (Content Security Policy), similarly HSTS, is a strong security mechanism that protects against cross-site scripting attacks. By using this protocol, Coinjoker ensures the safety of your cryptocurrency platform's users and important data.

Coinjoker’s Experience in Developing White-Label Crypto Exchange Software

Coinjoker has been providing blockchain-related product development services for more than 5 years. We have 150+ projects implemented successfully including NFT marketplaces, DeFi crypto exchanges and so on. Our blockchain team understands how to develop a functional product that satisfies the far more highest security standards.

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