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Coinjoker Engages in India's Dapp Fest 2019

Coinjoker Engages in India's Dapp Fest 2019

It’s very pleasure time to us for announcing, Coinjoker will be engaged in India’s Dapp fest 2019. Coinjoker has well known for blockchain solutions and Decentralized application (Dapp) development for wide range of industries like business, startups and enterprises.

Coinjoker is powered by OSIZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD a Gigant Software and Decentralized application(Dapp) Development Company. Osiz Technologies a pioneer of providing various blockchain solutions like hyperledger, private and public blockchain network. And also have well knowledge in Dapps like Tron Dapp and more.

India’s Dapp Fest :

DappSummit or Dapp Fest is an exclusive conference over India who is focusing on Dapp and Blockchain technologies. The Conference has the participant of blockchain and Dapp executives and the key players.

Main aim of India’s Dapp Fest:

India’s Dapp fest helps to create an opportunity for all the aspiring blockchain peers to showcase their knowledge, ideas and also provide a networking platform with the mentors and influencers in person.

India’s Dapp Fest – To Revolutionize Blockchain System

Outline of India’s Dapp Fest:

India’s Dapp Fest breaks the blockchain constraints and challenges in the future and next generation of blockchain. India Dapp Fest is conducted by the Blockchained India – An India’s largest open blockchain community is hosting the biggest blockchain conference.

Duration and Key Vision of India Dapp Summit Fest:

The India Dapp Summit Event is organized at The Lalit Ashok Bangalore for five days, starting from June 11 – June 15.

The primary key vision behind India Dapp Summit or Fest is to inspire and enhance every individual who’s adherent about disruptive blockchain technology and Decentralized Application who having passionate enough to bring this blockchain and Dapps technology as the futuristic innovation in India.

Combining talented blockchain developers:

India Dapp Summit brings together blockchain peers who are passionate about blockchain and helps them to review their roles and responsibilities for promoting blockchain technology in India. Besides expanding their capacity to solve the challenges in the field and exhibit their strategies at a national level. The event also provides a valuable networking opportunity for blockchain exhibitors and set the stage for further cooperation by introducing them to the investors.

Award Ceremony:

India Dapp Summit organized hackathon and the winners are announced in a separate award ceremony. This turns out to be a great chance to stand out and get noticed by the blockchain experts and receive appreciation from the great blockchain fest.

The team showcases its innovative initiatives, they can set their career in the blockchain ecosystem.

For the India Dapp Fest, Our talented Dapp Experts have participated and they are ready to show their talents and knowledge in blockchain and Dapps..

So, Coinjoker powered by OSIZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD heartily congratulates those blockchain and dapp exhibitors to show their stuff and being inspired by our blockchain key players.


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