How multi-signature ethereum wallet works?

Multi-signature wallet is a smart contract that allows multiple users in a blockchain to sign digitally on agreeing on the transaction. In muti signature wallets you can set up multiple owners for a wallet with multiple private keys by which no one can send a transaction without those multiple signatories.

It goes on like this. In fact, introducing multi-sig wallet is a great way to provide the advanced security, the popular crypto exchanges have begun to migrate toward this technology.

Thus Multi-sig holds enormous potential like trust-less escrow, trust less margin, user funds security, allowing the faster transaction, simplified access of wallets etc.

  • If only a single key is used to access funds and that key is lost or hacked it is not possible to regain the funds.
  • In such situation, 3 keys are issued to the users in which 2 of them are used to access funds for the transaction.
  • The first key will be kept in an online wallet and the second key in a safe offline location and the third key is held by the multi-signature provider. 

The multi-signature provider cannot hold or have the access to your funds, they can only hold the key for only approving the transaction. Thus multisig wallet adds the layer of security for cryptocurrency transactions.

In ethereum transactions, there may be one signature for the account who pays the gas for completing the chain. The gas is nothing but the miners charge some amount of fees for approving the transactions in the blockchain. This is mentioned in the term "Ether"

For example, if you are participating in an ico and want to withdraw funds from the token value means, the other participants should have to sign the transactions for withdrawal or transfer.

Multisig wallet in Crypto/Token exchange:

Using the multi-signature wallet is the safety precaution for Cryptocoin users. Giving the token exchange service through the ethereum multisig wallet is the modern day of development. More importantly, it can avoid the scams entirely.

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