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How to build an India’s most digital asset exchange platform?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How to build an India’s most digital asset exchange platform?

“Searching to empower your digital asset exchange platform with blockchain and integration of cryptocurrencies with more security.”

Coinjoker – Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers an reliable digital asset exchange business solutions for building your crypto asset exchange platform.

Let’s we read the complete thing about digital asset exchange business before start your own digital asset exchange business website.

What is digital asset exchange platform?

A digital asset exchange or cryptocurrency exchange platform is a platform or website that allows customers to trade (buy and sell) cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other traditional assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

You can store and send or receive any digital asset at one place. Which makes you digital assets even more secure and reliable.

How digital asset exchange platform works?

Digital asset exchange platform works in two types of digital currency exchanges.

  1. Centralized Exchange Platform (CEX)
  2. Decentralized Exchange Platform (DEX)

What is the difference between centralized and decentralized exchange platform?

Centralized Exchange Platform:

If you want to know about centralized exchange platform, Consider it as a banking sector. The platform which is said to be centralized means that there is a trusted middleman or intermediary to handle whatever digital asset may be in a trading platform.

 In a bank, for example, a customer submits their fiat currency over to the bank to hold for them. This one institution is now in complete control of the customer’s money.

In many cases, bank is much safer for a person finding some way to manage their currency themselves. Likewise intermediaries in the centralized exchanges, Banks have many securities and a team to watch over their customers’ money.

Decentralized exchange platform:

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) rejects the middleman by creating a highly intelligent “trustless environment.” Transactions are made through smart contracts and atomic swaps so that currency never passes through the hands of intermediaries. Decentralized exchange’s are act as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.

DEXs are now fancy and becoming very popular yet from 2018 might see a lot of progress with decentralized exchanges.

What type of digital asset exchange platform, you can build?

If you are a beginner of cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can choose the centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform to build your own website. Because you were a new to the cryptocurrency world, to avoid the hacking of your digital assets by the guidance of escrow services and two-factor authentication.

Otherwise, you have a knowledge in cryptocurrency world you can start your cryptocurrency exchange with the most fastest platform like decentralized exchange. It offers peer to peer transactions with less time and reduced transactions fee.

Digital Asset Exchange Platform Services: 

We offer insured cryptocurrency exchange platform for centralized and decentralized with more secure features and services.

Integration of cryptocurrencies: You can build your website with 40+ cryptocurrencies to trade dozens of crypto assets, from BTC and ETH to popular altcoins and stablecoins to innovative new crypto trading and exchanges.

Secure Storage:

Digital assets are stored in secure offline wallet in digital asset exchange platform.

Third party Audits:

To assure transparency and compliances, the digital asset exchange platform integrated with third party audits.

Two Factor Authentication:

For centralized exchange, Two-factor authentication and KYC verification offers a tight secure for cryptocurrency transactions.

Top Features of Digital Asset Exchange Platform:                                                                                                                                                                             

 Multi-crypto exchange:

Multi-crypto exchange with exact tradingmatch engine offers flexibility of trade offers 40+ trading pairs for cryptocurrency trading.

Seamless trading:

The open trade order with transparency offers stability via limit orders and stoplimit orders during fluctuations in crypto market.

Industry Leading API’s:

Binary API’s ready to ingest thousands of pairs in second.

Build your digital asset exchange platform now !!

Coinjoker offers readymade solution for building your own centralized and decentralized exchange business solutions to create your digital asset exchange business website. Consult our business experts and share your queries to develop your digital asset exchange platform with military security and reliability.

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