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Equilibrium EOSDT Clone Script - To Build EOS Based DeFi Projects

Equilibrium EOSDT Clone Script - To Build EOS Based DeFi Projects

Equilibrium Clone Script

Equilibrium clone script is a multi-chain DeFi framework development for accelerating Decentralized Finance applications, decentralized stablecoins, and synthetic assets. Equilibrium EOSDT is the first decentralized stablecoin on EOS and a proof of concept for the Equilibrium technology.

Coinjoker is a offers DeFi Development solutions and also creates EOSDT stable coin for earning interest, EOS & BTC holdings, stake and earn, and provides fresh liquidity to make its way to EOS-based decentralized finance.

Our team of Defi developers builds all kinds of Defi applications running on a EOS blockchain which reflect traditional finance products like credit/lending, investment pools, exchanges and many more. 

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"EOS enables cross-chain solutions and supports multiple forms of collateral"

What Equilibrium Clone Software ?

Coinjoker offers equilibrium clone software service with a consensus-based governance system, running an all-in-one interoperable DeFi hub. We create EOSDT is a stablecoin built on top of the Equilibrium framework which offers a store of dollar value free from volatility and uncertainty.

Why Equilibrium Clone Development For Business?

Equilibrium is getting a strong based toward self-regulation and client protection, in keeping with the best examples from traditional markets.

Equilibrium recently obtained a legal opinion in the US that sees both EOSDT & NUT as utilities that are unregulated in their nature.

There are very real benefits and flexibility for users which should be a catalyst for the further development of EOSDT

Creates additional opportunities for leverage and will consolidate EOSDT's reputation as reliable collateral of digital assets

Equilibirium Clone Development is the first step towards significantly reducing collateral requirements without compromising system stability.

How our Equilibrium Clone Script Works?

Equilibrium clone script is developed with main product framework of smart contracts those fundamental characteristics are safety-orientated. One of the most major issues arising from smart contract design is the security audit. The debugging tools on the market for smart contracts are insufficient. 

So, Coinjoker a team of 50+ defi developers who are best among to validate the approach of decentralized control of the smart contracts and smart contract audit.

Equilibrium clone script is designed with back to the state when the debugged transaction was executed and re-execute its code line-by-line again. We build your EOS Based DeFi Projects with track down errors, implement necessary fixes, and protect all the similar transactions from new code errors. This is technically possible, by our professional defi developers to facilitate this process.

Highlights of Equilibrium EOSDT DeFi

EOSDT is the fastest-growing stablecoin on the EOS mainnet and the biggest EOS-based DApp in terms of EOS balance today.

EOSDT (decentralized EOS stablecoin) circulation cap from $70 million to $170 million, as the DeFi industry continues to grow; the need for liquidity in cryptocurrencies is steadily increasing

Worth 6.5 million EOS (approximately $17.5 million), the fund aims to provide users with an insurance buffer to protect against market volatility.

Equilibrium says that EOSDT smart contracts hold more than $10 million EOS collateral, as this is claimed to be the biggest amount among all EOS-based decentralized applications so far

EOSDT 130 Percent now has amongst the lowest collateral requirements in the industry when compared against required ratios for other projects: MakerDAO's 150 percent, Synthetix's 750 percent, and BitUSD's 200 percent.

Create StableCoin EOSDT with Equilibrium Clone Script

EOSDT is a decentralized stablecoin that enters circulation when crypto holders stake their EOS assets to the EOSDT smart contract. Users collateralize their digital assets and receive price-stable currency pegged to the US dollar in return. 

Equilibrium clone script lets users to generate stablecoins against EOS collateral for now. Besides our underlying technology is robust enough to support other coins in the future also. Besides, users will be able to generate stable currency against a wide variety of volatile digital assets.

The EOSDT stablecoin currently holds more than 4.5 million collateralized EOS worth roughly $12.5 million. This makes it the biggest EOS-based decentralized application (dApp) in terms of EOS balance. EOSDT users have generated over 4.4 million EOSDT stablecoins since launch, accruing 0.55% profits on their collateral.

Why Equilibrium Clone Software for StableCoin Creation?

Equilibrium provides EOS holders with a mechanism to safely store their value in times of market turmoil.

Equilibrium Clone Software offers completely transparent stablecoin collateralization.
Stablecoin creation in EOSDT blockchain is fast and scalable can handle up to 250 transactions per second, making it nearly ten times as efficient as Ethereum at the moment.

Equilibrium clone software is collaterally serves to back stablecoins while also staking the block producers (BPs) that drive the EOS blockchain at large.

Equilibrium Clone software creates not only Stable coin it also creates Nativity  NUT (Native Utility Token) to vote on any changes to the framework’s parameters

Equilibrium clone software supports EOS infrastructure and its own scalability, with continuous and dynamic voting for EOS block producers.

Why Coinjoker For Equilibrium Clone Script Development?

Coinjoker's EOSDT equilibirum clone script isn’t just about offering people new ways to transact and spend money. But also about giving those crypto enthusiasts a new way to earn on their crypto activities. It all starts by generating EOSDT stablecoins here.

We are bunch of blockchain developers and financial specialists have been focusing on building decentralized finance applications for the past 2 years. By Developing Decentralized Fianance DeFi Development, we gained a lot of experience building in Building DeFi Based Projects on Ethereum, Tron and also EOS Blockchain Network for a lending platform on Ethereum. Now we are developing on top of EOS based DeFi Projects, which we consider as a much more user-friendly and scalable blockchain.

Equilibrium Clone script is built with C++ for smart contracts and a popular stack on the frontend side (React.js/Redux and TypeScript). There were some tasks implemented on the backend (.Net Core, Node.js, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL).

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