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BarnBridge Clone Solutions - To Create DeFi Cross Platform Protocols

BarnBridge Clone Solutions - To Create DeFi Cross Platform Protocols

Banbridge Clone Solutions

BarnBridge is the first risk tokenizing protocol allows hedging yield sensitivity and market price.

BarnBridge clone solutions is a readymade cross platform protocol solutions for tokenizing risk with fixed yield and volatility tranche products. Smart Yield Bonds on Ethereum will be the fixed and variable interest products secured by DeFi yields. Smart Alpha Bonds on Ethereum will be the derivatives for hedging against market price fluctuations for any ERC-20 token.

The purpose of BarnBridge is to integrate with other protocols letting hedging the yield risks on those lending and other platforms.
BarnBridge plans to be the first fluctuation derivative protocol, creating the first cross-platform derivatives protocols for all fluctuations. 

How DeFi BanBridge Works?

BarnBridge protocol reduces the risk of digital assets & digital asset yield sensitivity by breaking them into tranches. BanBridge protocols are essentially infinite, separate, dollar-denominated chunks; and then developers build derivatives off these tranches. 
BarnBridge protocol aims to mitigate risk and offer layered risk management to both decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi) investors by building more efficient debt & yield based derivatives.

BarnBridge protocol aims to bring familiar TradFi instruments to the DeFi ecosystem and is potentially a critical piece of infrastructure that will foster the growth and success of DeFi.

What is the $BOND Token?

$BOND is the native ERC-20 cryptocurrency token of the BarnBridge protocol. $BOND will be used to stake in the system, and as a governance token when the governance module is launched with the BarnBridgeDAO.

BarnBridgeDAO will be the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is controlled by the $BOND token holder community. $BOND token holders will have the right to vote on protocol changes, upgrades, and proposals. 

There are two major concepts here in barnbridge

1. Yield farming
2. Liquidity Mining
3. Hedging

Major Components in BanBridge Clone Developement

BarnBridge is proud to announce its upcoming two-phased liquidity mining program. We will be releasing two sequential staking contracts with distinct specifications around $BOND token distribution 

1.Yield Farming
2.Liquidity Pool Incentivization

Yield Farming in Banbridge

BarnBridge announced an upcoming two-phased liquidity mining program. The goal is to facilitate a fair and inclusive distribution of their BOND tokens to more investors in the future, democratizing the protocol even more. 

BarnBridge is working more diligently on structuring the idea. They are currently auditing all the contracts involved to ensure security and stability, so yield farmers will be able to harvest on fertile soil. 

Below are the 2 liquidity pools available for farming:

USDC/DAI/sUSD Pool (#1) – Pool 1 is composed of stablecoins, so impermanent loss is not possible. 
USDC/BOND Uniswap Pool (#2) – Pool 2 may be less vulnerable to smart contract failure, as Uniswap smart contracts have been deployed and tested longer.

Liquidity Pool Incentivization

Liquidity Pool Incentivization initiative is to reward long-term liquidity providers with progressively more power over the protocol as they continue to signal their belief in the BarnBridge vision. Participants who believe in the vision represent the community.
There will separate pool for both modules and interest rates and timeframe varies based tranches

What are Tokenized Fluctuation Derivatives?

Barnbridge creates tokenized derivatives on market fluctuations. Examples of these markets could include: yield rates, price, prediction market odds, mortgage default rates, etc. These ERC-20 derivative tokens are separated into high, medium, and low risk/reward baskets, called tranch

There are 3 Participants 

1. Founders
2. Seeders
3. Advisors

A single loan will be divided into multiple tranches, where it is then allocated to both senior and junior tranches of that particular pool

DeFi Protocols to be connected

1. DAO
2. Compound
3. Chain-link
4. Uniswap 

The Future of BarnBridge

BarnBridge’s concept can be extrapolated beyond creating derivatives atop yield and volatility. 
BarnBridge can be used to increase the efficiency of equity trading. For instance, equities can be mirrored on platforms like Synthetix, and BarnBridge can enable exposure to them with customizable risk.
Overall, BarnBridge may be too early and small to ignite a massive inflow of institutions to DeFi. However, it creates a trajectory for increasing institutional demand in the future.

Coinjoker - BarnBridge Clone Development Solutions

Coinjoker offers banbridge clone solutions to create your BOND token on your own.
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Coinjoker is a team of blockchain developers who are early adopters with superabundant experience and knowledge, who has the ability to offer Reliable Decentralized Finance Development( DeFi) solutions. 
Coinjoker provides DeFi solutions for Barnbridge clone development which help you quick entry of the fast-growing DeFi market and achieve reputation for your industry.
Our well recongnized 360 degree Decentralized development( DeFi) solutions will redefine up your business, make you apart from your competitors, and set you up for success in the long-term. 

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