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Tron DApp Development
DateApr 11, 2019

TRON DApp Development | Highly secured Decentralized Application platform

Coinjoker- As an esteemed Dapp development company we offer high-grade TRON Dapp platform built up with TRX blockchain. Our immense team of blockchain developers will help you to develop Dapps on Gaming, Gambling, and Exchanges in TRON ecosystem.

Bitcoin Market
DateApr 05, 2019

Bitcoin Price Hits 5K - Start Bitcoin Exchange Today

The recent bitcoin rally on 2nd April 2019, breached the BTC price through 16% in a single hour that is nearly 5000$ per coin. This was the second time for bitcoin price mark to cross 5000$ in a single day.

Blockchain Technology
DateApr 04, 2019

Blockchain in Real Estate

Coinjoker offers innovative blockchain development solutions to accelerate your real estate business. Our professional team of blockchain developers delivers services with quality work and better functionality.

Stablecoin development
DateMar 22, 2019

Stablecoin Development Company

Coinjoker is the first rate stablecoin development company to create asset-backed cryptocurrency. Our experienced group of blockchain developers helps you with stable coin development and cryptocurrency exchange development which will take your business to the next level in the global cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain Technology
DateMar 15, 2019

Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain Development Company offers a custom blockchain solutions like hyperledger, ethereum, tron Dapp, Smartcontract, crypto wallet and cryptocurrency development and exchanges. Hire our blockchain developers now

ETO Development
DateMar 14, 2019

Equity Token Offering : Development Services, Consultation here.

An equity token represents a share within the underlying company like any stock purchase, holders virtually own their given % of the overall enterprise. They're entitled to some of the company’s profits and a right to vote on its future.To begin associate equity token giving, you wish to register a corporation at the securities market.

Blockchain Technology
DateMar 11, 2019

Future of Blockchain in Healthcare

Did you know? More than 6.1 millions patients individual medical data have been theft since from the beginning of 2018, most of the health-care already in the process of adopting blockchain to provide secure and integrated care to the patients.

Blockchain Technology
DateMar 06, 2019

Blockchain Solutions - Enterprises, Supplychain, Healthcare

Coinjoker - The Key Player in Blockchain Development has been experienced in offering the high grade blockchain solutions for enterprises, startups or even bigger organization. We accomplish your goals by applying the latest distributed hyperledger technologies, identity management solutions and smart contract deployment.

Hire Blockchain Developers
DateMar 05, 2019

Hire Blockchain Developers

Hiring knowledgeable blockchain developers can permit you to take a seat back, establish the wants and deadlines and simply expertise the journey of obtaining your project completed. In straightforward words, we will say that it'll relieve you from the boundary of your time and talent of your current workers.

Hire Resources
DateMar 05, 2019

Hire Dedicated Offshore Development Center

Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) makes you feel as it is your own development wing. We always try to understand the needs of our clients. Our solutions are designed to satisfy specific requirements of our clients. Client satisfaction is our main objective.

Hire Resources
DateMar 05, 2019

Hire Monthly Resources for your Project

CoinJoker undergoes thorough and detailed hiring in its recruitment process, Our hiring staff can make the right decisions and bring in talented professionals who will help the company grow. You are given an option to hire the most suitable resources on monthly basis to work in your project.

Hire Digital Marketers
DateMar 05, 2019

Hire Digital Marketing Team

Depending upon your business area, we categorize the exact target audience and reach them through different marketing mediums. We will draft the promotion plan for your website and execute it to deliver the 100% proven results.

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