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Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain Development Company

Blockchain Development Services and Solutions for startups, business and enterprises !!

Want to hire dedicated team of blockchain developers from the prominent blockchain development company?

Congratz, you have destined the right place, Coinjoker - Blockchain Development Company helps you to assist and drive your business more digitally and more securely which helps to earn high revenue within shorter duration of time. 

What is really blockchain technology?

A blockchain is represented as a structure of data that contains a financial ledger entry of entire transactions, or a record of a each by each transaction. Every transaction is digitally encrypted by means of signature to ensure its higher authenticity. So, that no one tampers with it, so the financial ledger itself with those existing transactions within it are having to be high data integrity.

How does blockchain technology works?

Blockchain works on the principle that enables a bunch of connected computers to maintain one updated and secure ledger.

Blockchain has made his feet in all the industries, which is a good sign for making it more access able to the data and it can be maintained in the network. Generally, in the centralized platform human or admin have more power to the data and whereas in blockchain the network has complete control of it.

Coinjoker- The Source of Blockchain Development Solutions

Coinjoker offers a multi-centric Blockchain Technology or distributed ledger blockchain development solutions that will do for your transactions more trusted and also what the Internet transforming your information.

Our blockchain development company have the enterprise blockchain application developers we are constantly keep updating the upcoming technologies and realizing the power of the blockchain solutions to integrate it for various business and enterprises. But, Creating an enterprise application based on the blockchain network can be a little complex but we have built the enterprise applications even more smartly !!

Coinjoker-Blockchain Development Solutions for various industries

Our blockchain development company offers an complete blockchain development solutions for various industries and business verticals.

On Demand: We are offering blockchain technology solutions as a move from pull and push.

Delivery: We provide efficient way of transportation by delivering highend blockchain solutions.

Taxi: We offers the fastest way to hire a taxi with a hyperleger blockchain.

M-Commerce : Our blockchain solutions will turn your E-commerce store to M-commerce apps.

Health care: Our Blockchain technology solutions to improve medical

care & patient services and to record patients data.       

Education:  Our blockchain solution verifies the educational institutes of diplomas and certifications, security in archives, reliable transactions, accreditation of credentials.

FMCG: Our fully estimated blockchain solution helps for fast moving consumer goods to track the products, demands, supply and the agents.

Logistics: Field Service Management can be extremely difficult at times. Our solution provides real-time tracking of all your vehicles and workforce on a single map interface. 

Finance: Invest in finance app development to keep your customers close and your competitors faraway. Our intelligent finance app not only help people track their expenses but also make them financially smart.

Retail: Our blockchain solutions offers an unified experience across channels, retail giants rely on us to work better and work differently whether it’s fulfilling shopper’s expectations or revamping the supply chain.

Various Blockchain Development Services We offer:

Private Blockchain development - A specific crowd of people who needs to use a blockchain network privately with the allowed access will be able to use the private blockchain we create. 

Blockchain Technology Consulting - The kind of solutions we have delivered makes us prominent for providing excellent blockchain consulting services. We can assist you with what kind of blockchain technology can provide a solution for your business pain area.

Smart Contract Auditing and Development - creating a smart contract is a cake walk for us and we did for many of our clients. We also provide a smart contract auditing service to audit the smart contract created and making use of it efficiently. 

Decentralized Application Development (DAPPS) - When you need a highly secured platform it should be built as a DAPP. We can also use the IPFS network to store data in IPFS nodes. Even a basic solution we build has to pass more security measures we follow.

Blockchain IOT App Development - security is one of the main concern in IOT due to its client-server model. We provide a secured and transparent solution for your IOT needs using blockchain.

Distributed E-commerce Solution - It rules the world of shopping online and this has a lot of user data and product data. It will be impressive for the users when you have blockchain technology used and so blockchain owners as well.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Build blockchain based customized and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crowdsale: Initial coin offering to raise your funds.

Wallets: Multi-sig wallet to ensure threat of free cryptocurrency transactions.

 Benefits of Implementing blockchain technology!

  1. Blockchain Technology Offers Enhanced Data Security and Integrity
  2. Improves Traceability of every transactions
  3. Reduces Manual Data Storage Cost
  4. Increase Automation of business
  5. Blockchain technology saves time and effort.
  6. Blockchain avoids data replication.
  7. Reduces Risk and Improves security.

Hire Our Blockchain Developers Now !!

Coinjoker always works by focusing different technologies which would help business and enterprises even more secure, easier and more revenue generated one. Our offshore blockchain development team will always assist you to build your business with more effective and revolutionized one. Our digitized blockchain technology makes positive impact and takes your business to next level.

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