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Blockchain smart contracts use-cases & Real Life examples

Blockchain smart contracts use-cases & Real Life examples

The best thing about the blockchain is that the technology uses decentralized hyper ledger that can leave out all the middleman in the system which exists now. You may have a question that what is Blockchain smart contracts? And it's use-cases. Let us get into that.

Smart contracts in an insurance policy

The major present issue in this medical sector is that the insurance claiming can take weeks or even a long time to be paid. The procedure is still exceptionally manual and requires a substantial level of human activity. This signifies plenty of regulatory costs, which result in higher premiums for clients.

Insurance agencies can robotize this claiming process by keeping in touch with them into a smart contract.

When the natural disaster is happening, for instance in case of a calamitous catastrophic event, the smart contract procedure is activated promptly.

How does it work?

Quantifiable parameters of the disaster occasion, for example, wind speed, an area of a sea tempest or extent of a tremor can be recorded onto the blockchain. Variable with the multifaceted nature of the smart contract, as the parameters cross certain pre-concurred edges, the insurance claiming procedure is activated promptly and the correct measure of money related payout can be conveyed without the requirement for human-driven mediation.

Not exclusively does the smart contract lessen the managerial expenses related with satisfying such arrangements; however, straightforwardness and trust in the process are obvious to all partners and every single administrative body involved.

Other than that, these are the areas where the smart contract can be applicable,

Copyrighted Product:

To ensure the originality of the copyright product or services. The smart contract is enabling customers to know that the specific product they are buying is an original one. It can be processed by the blockchain technology which stores the authenticity of the product in the network and accesses the information of the products when it is needed.

Intellectual property:

The contract can be executed in property rights. For example, if you are a music artist, you want to be paid directly without middleman means the contract is created with a definite set of rules. When the rules or compensations like money is given for your music, the contract is activated and the music is delivered to the user. In that way, you can protect your own work using smart contracts. No one can access the property without your permission.

Various real-life applications are using blockchain smart contracts to empower their business in an automated way. If you are in a need to build a smart contract based application, contact our experts' team. They will guide you to build a secured application in various industry like supply chain management, product tracking, payments, stock trading, digital identity, medical research, mortgage etc.

All of the real world applications have come true with the inventions of blockchain technology. Be a part in digital and empower the business.

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