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Working and Business Benefits of P2P Crypto Exchange Script
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Working and Business Benefits of P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Peer to Peer cryptocurrency transactions can be achieved through the independent digital currency like bitcoin. Bitcoin can easily transact to the any members at a particular time to the any member without any third party intermission. For Further enabling these cryptocurrency transactions of bitcoin, the decentralized exchange platform has been built to leverage the function of peer to peer transactions.

The working process of Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Wanna know the how decentralized p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform works and business benefits of p2p exchange script for secure your cryptocurrencies at affordable cost?

Peer2Peer exchange platform mainly works using p2p crypto exchange script on the mechanism of decentralization that connects buyers and sellers on an online cryptocurrency exchange system. Buyers and sellers come and put their cryptocurrency orders (buy and sell orders) on the P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.

This P2P exchange is digital done cryptocurrency executions using the smart contract-based bitcoin escrow script to enable trusted transactions. After putting crypto exchanges in the platform as soon as the order matches, the crypto assets of the seller are locked in the escrow account. On the other hand, when the buyer transfers funds to the seller in p2p crypto exchange development for buying crypto (say in USD, EUR), and when the seller in the other hand confirms of receiving the funds, the seller’s assets are released from the Escrow account (admin account) and further wise transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

P2P Centralized Exchange Script Features

Highly Enhanced Trading Engine

Our P2p crypto exchange is built with powerful engine capable of matching buyers and sellers with minimum latency at high speed. Our trading engine has built-in various order types for buy order and sell order like limit order, stop limit orders, margin trading, leverage trading. Trading engine which serve as one of the cornerstones of a trading platform.

Secure and Trusted Admin Panel

A secure and trusted admin panel is implemented by smooth controls for efficient management of critical elements like Escrow system, two factor authentication and dispute management.

Atomic Swap

Atomic swaps pivot around the fact that the crypto transactions in p2p exchange platform either execute completely or terminate, reducing the likelihood of disputes in a scenario of breach of agreement

KYC and AML Verification

In Peer to Peer exchange platform, Known your customer(KYC) and AML(Anti Money Laundering) can be instantly verified for cryptocurrency users to complete their transactions.

Escrow Based Solutions

The top secure and most trusted escrow application to buy and sell cryptocurrency with an valid admin for all cryptocurrency transactions.

Multilanguage support

P2P exchange script with multi-language support offers global connection to your crypto exchange platform. The platform’s UI provides the best user experience for analyzing and reading in all languages of crypto exchange platform functionalities.

Cross Trading

If we receive request from the client, our blockchain developers do provide fiat currency and crypto trading in the same P2P exchange platform. Beginners of crypto investments can buy their desired cryptocurrencies for fiat currency in your exchange market with this feature.

Advantages of Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange Script

  • Easy Installation of Our Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange Script
  • Cost-effective solutions of crypto exchange platform
  • Reduce extra server cost due to the lack of middle man interface
  • Secure channel between peer to peers crypto transactions
  • Occupy worldwide transaction provision over crypto transacts.  

How coinjoker is outstanding in providing p2p crypto exchange script?

Coinjoker offers reliable, secure, transparent and userfriendly options in p2p crypto exchange platform. We offer p2p crypto exchange script with additional crypto exchange features like cryptocurrency wallet development, smart contract audit services, crypto trading bot, liquidity API providing, whitelabel solutions, popular crypto exchange clone script development and more.

About Coinjoker:

Coinjoker is expert in providing Peer2Peer cryptocurrency exchange script with the top most demanded business modules like ICO, STO, ETO, Dapp development, Multisig wallet development, blockchain solutions, ERC token creation services, Android and ios development.

If you have an idea to build p2p exchange platform with the above mentioned features at affordable cost?

Contact our experts to build P2P crypto exchange platform !!

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