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Smart Contract Development Services for All Businesses

Smart Contract Development Services for All Businesses

What if this blockchain technology, it introduces smart contracts that change the very nature of how we do business today? 

Smart Contracts with ethereum based one can bring revolutionary changes to the very way we do business right now.

"Are you a business owner? Want to move on your business from traditional contract? Our Smart contract development company provides digital solutions for all your industries and guides you to achieve your goal"

By implementing our smart contract solutions in your day to day life, you can make phenomenal changes in your business and smart contract can offer multiple advantages over the traditional contracts. Smart contracts provide us with an opportunity to make our routine transactions and processes more streamlined and automated.

Now that you understand smart contracts, you may be wondering what you should do about them!!


  • What are smart contracts?
  • How do smart contract works?
  • Why everyone is fanfare about smart contract blockchain?
  • How smart contract platforms would stun you for sure !
  • List of some smart contract applications
  • What are the advantages of smart contract?
  • Game players of smart contract companies
  • How industries get potential from smart contract?

What are smart contracts?

Let’s we get to the entry of blog what exactly smart contracts is.?

Let we encounter the day to day practical examples of smart contract rather than technical explanation which make again make you something search in google !!

Okay, Let's us discuss in detail, 

Smart contracts are just like traditional contracts that will allow you exchange property, money, shares, stocks, digital assets or something else have more valuable whch could be securely transparently with a little twist.

But important things we need to consider with this smart contracts, you won’t be needing any middleman like traditional contract to do your deed.

Clear Definition between Regular contract and Smart contract !!

That’s the primary difference between regular contracts and smart contracts. 

Let me explain it with a real time example. If you need an any services that it will Usually be a hospitals and court services you could be charged any extra payment to them and wait for the service or documents.

But smart contract will not let you. With this smarter technology, you’ll be just putting your Bitcoin or any other cryptos in to a vending machine and get the candy that comes out. The highlight of this, it wont stop by setting only the rules, besides it will excute it too!

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

The above condtion could be processed according to a programmer of Ethereum on Ethereum platform, the asset or currency gets transformed into a program. The program runs the code and evaluates based on the tasks that whether this asset should go to the other person or back to its owner.

Samething. Just like a vending machine it just requires an amount of cryptocurrency. All you have to do is to put those cryptocurrencies into the contract along with the information like certain conditions you want to keep as a record. After that you need to define the set of rules, terms, and condition before any contract is going to execute.

Independent and Interdependence !!

A smart contract can operate both being single and along with a group of smart contracts. 
The single one will work independently. 


The users can set a group of smart contracts examples with each other as they have to depend on each other to complete any task.

Three Objects of Smart Contract :

The First Object is Digital Agreement - Whether the respected parties are interested or not to deal !!

The Second Object is Subject - Concerned Persons need to be transpanrent on the agreement without any hidden documents

The Third Object is Terms and Conditions - After deal is ready, Persons need to agree the conditions.

Why everyone is fanfare about smart contract blockchain?

Smart contracts are a one of a kind self-executing contacts powered by cryptocurrencies with various blockchain. Every term and condition of the contract is constructed using digital codes, and the code runs on the blockchain based platform. Every transaction on this network are executes with more transparent, traceable and irreversible.

Favour of smart contract:

A regular contact might or might not be true to its speaken words or written agreement because the actions are excuted before attaing the certain rules, but a smart contract will always be true to the terms the transactions are processed after verfiying the terms and conditions . If something falls behind the rules, the contract will automatically take action according to that.

So, there’s no chance of mistrust or other illegal situations on smart contract. This makes it impossible to breach and get a special advantage over traditional contract.

How smart contract platforms would stun you for sure !

The Ethereum smart contracts were the first to build up the market, and it’s only a start. More blockchains are now including this option as smart contracts have become a vital part of the whole blockchain technology.

As Ethereum was the first one in the field, most of the companies now use Ethereum platform to create a contract.

Ethereum with their token ERC-20 and Smart Contract can call themselves the best start-ups of the twentieth century.

Major reason for calling them the king would be their dependability

Ethereum has developed their very own programming language – Solidity


  • No setup cost required. Anyone can join the platform.
  • The widely accepted ERC-20 token is available.
  • Has their programming language for Smart Contracts naming Solidity.
  • Simple guidelines are available for the developers and coders.
  • Strong amicable support community.
  • Users can enjoy the wide usability of Ethereum.

Hyperledger Fabric

If we are talking about the consensus algorithm, they have the Permissioned blockchain structure. While Ethereum has Solidity, Hyperledger has JavaScript. This is a great advantage as JavaScript is a widely recognized programming language among the coders.

Regarding the safety and security issue, they are less vulnerable compared to Ethereum. How? Well, they have the Permissioned blockchain network. So, all the identities of the users are known to the company. Hyperledger is naturally less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and online crimes.


  • Free for use as it is an open-source
  • Backed by IBM.
  • Permissioned networks ensure better protection.
  • Wide range of programming languages available.
  • Plug-in components are perfect.
  • Dependable performance.

List of some smart contract applications

There are plenty of places where smart contracts applications, "We provide those below mentioned smart contract applications for your desired use. Choose your application and build it now with us !!"

Records Storing

The smart contract comes with the digitalization of the Uniform Commercial Code filling. Thus, they can store records, release and renew them automatically whenever they need. 

Trading Activities

The smart contract eliminates this middlemen part of the trading finance. They use either the Letter of Credit methods or the trade payment initiation of transmission with more effecient, simpler and less costly.

Supply Chain Management

Smart contracts blockchain maintains and tracks the whole records for the whole process starting from the material collecting to the product delivery. They record every detail of the entire process along with the concerned persons

Mortgage System

With the smart contract technology, all the procedures for getting a mortgage will be so easy, cheap and fast. This technology will handle all the stuff automatically with great care. There will be no confusion, no problem, no extra charge and no complication with a lot of papers.

Real Estate Market

Because of the smart technology real estate business has become way easier and simpler. There is no need to have any face to face meeting to finalize any deal. That’s because this smart blockchain technology is completely digitalized. It will complete the whole dealing process digitally without any interruption or error.

Employment Arrangements

This technology will keep all the record of the terms and conditions of the company which the employees must fulfil. Besides, there will be records of all the information and wages of the employees.

Protecting the Copyright

Smart contracts blockchain can preserve the content of the copyright. When a group works together, there might be some confusions about the responsibilities and the rights to that work. Smart contract technology can make the teamwork easy for you. It will keep all the tracks of the collaboration using a decentralized blockchain system.

Insurance Claim

Smart contracts blockchain can streamline and modify the whole claiming process with automated technology. It will recognize any condition and state the claim automatically itself. Thus, it will manage the rest of the process without any error.

Government Voting Service

A smart contract comes with the ledger-protected voting system. This system provides highly protected coding and higher computing power. It is almost impossible to decode and hack the entire system. Moreover, it will also require a huge computing power.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare institutes can also use the smart contract technology as their recording system. In such places, it requires huge information for their service and security purpose. The blockchain technology will be able to keep a large number of records.

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What are the advantages of smart contract?

  • Total Transparency
  • No Miscommunication
  • Efficient Performance
  • No Paperwork
  • Backup
  • Trustworthy
  • Guaranteed Outcomes

Game players of smart contract companies

  • Slock.It and Share&Charge
  • Etherparty
  • Populous
  • Propy
  • PolySwarm
  • Fizzy AXA

How industries get potential from smart contract?

Smart contract suits best to those industries where an automatic executing process will be useful.

Such industries are healthcare, banking, real estate and insurance. In these industries, smart contracts blockchain will suit best, and by adopting this technology, they will be benefited a lot.

They execute all the process automatically using algorithms, rules and intelligent coding.
Industries where they provide services like food, beverages, and hospitality, the smart contract will try to be so helpful there.


Coinjoker - Best Smart Contract Development Company for Various Business !!

Our blockchain developers are looking forward to build your industires with the smart contracts blockchain to move towards an advanced future. They are going to merge the commodity futures contracts for your business with the blockchain technology.

Our developers are highly excited about intergrating Commodity futures contracts with the blockchain platform and the smart contract. Thus, they will be able to control and regulate the price fluctuating more simply. Soon, there will be a huge revolution for your business in digital world.

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