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Coinjoker - Bitcoin Exchange Script for 2018
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinjoker - Bitcoin Exchange Script for 2018



Recently, The volatility of cryptocurrency markets has stumped even after the best rises. Now, there are lots of efforts are taking in cryptocurrency business industry to bring some high standard for doing bitcoin business.



In this recent time, many entrepreneur are stepping updwards in crypto business world and wants to be a an unique techpreneur from the competitive bitcoin business world.



Demandable bitcoin exchange business :



In cryptocurrency niche business, bitcoin exchange business has received red carpet from the most redcarpet from the traders and exchangers. Though the main reason that, why bitcoin exchange business have highly appreciated other than bitcoin related business is, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming topmost currencies in the upcoming world when compared to the fiat currencies.



As a result, exchanging and trading would be the most common activity, and starting as a bitcoin exchange business, will be the easier chance for getting success in your profession.



Choose the advanced bitcoin exchange script for your quick success !



But developing bitcoin exchange business is somewhat tougher task, when you doesn’t implement with top rated bitcoin exchange script. Lots of enterprise offering bitcoin exchange script at lower cost, but it doesnot really mean for security and profit generating one.



As you are fresher in bitcoin exchange business, you are unaware of how to build a secure bitcoin exchange business. For that choosing right and cost-effective bitcoin exchange script will protect your bitcoin exchange platform form the attackers and stolers.


Coinjoker Is There For You : Satisfy Your Trustworthy and loyalty”



Coinjoker is such a highly recommended bitcoin exchange script for the tight security features and an advanced business modules at a cost effective budget.



Note: Coinjoker is well expert in providing bitcoin trading script for those entrepreneurs who wants to start own bitcoin trading business also. You can get both bitcoin exchange/trading script run both business in the same platform.



Bitcoin Exchange Script With Top Most Business Solution :


The security feature for your bitcoin exchange platform is below mentioned


  1. Escrow binded application

  2. Secure wallet integration

  3. Dispute resolution

  4. DDOS Attack prevention

  5. CSRF protection

  6. KYC option and more


Advanced business features for providing secure service :


  1. Efficient Order Matching Option

  2. Ready to trade system installation

  3. Displaying live Open Orders Page

  4. Order History Page

  5. Trading Orders Balances Page

  6. Crypto Listing 150+ currencies

  7. Trading information with charting widget

  8. Push-on Notification


Uptrendy Business Solution :


  1. Margin Trading and lending

  2. Bitcoin Binary Trading

  3. Affiliate Program

  4. Merchant API Solutions

  5. White-label solution

  6. Liquidity solutions

  7. Cloud Mining solution

  8. ERC20 Token creation

  9. Blockchain Technology

  10. Smart Contracts

  11. ICO and token creation and more


Admin Features :


  1. Manage traders and exchangers deposits & withdrawals

  2. Setup muliple payment gateways

  3. Notify SMS & Emails to all crypto users

  4. Set Profit options with business modules

  5. Secure and Manage your account

  6. Add Roles to the traders

  7. Set permissions for each role and control what pages want to display your traders.


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