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Degods Clone Script - Create NFT Project Like DeGods on Solana Blockchain

Degods Clone Script - Create NFT Project Like DeGods on Solana Blockchain

Nowadays, DeGods is the hot topic of the town, and the project is currently regarded as the trending NFT on the market after essentially taking the NFT world by storm. They identify as a global community of creators, developers athletes, artists, inventors, experimenters, and entrepreneurs and describe them as a digital art collection. The number and the debates have both been out of control. DeGods is the top, undisputed collection on the Solana blockchain. Initially, it was the new entry o the block that everyone believed only had a good appearance, but what the DeGods team and its creator have accomplished is nothing short of incredible. 

DeGods is now among the best five NFT projects on any blockchain and is a competitor to well-known NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht club, Mutant Ape Yacht club, Moon-birds, and CryptoPunks. 

Let us see more about DeGods and their importance in NFT projects  in the below sections.

DeGods clone script  

DeGods clone script is an NFT platform that intends to build on the Solana blockchain. Coinjoker is a predominant NFT project development company that provides services for creating DeGods clone scripts like DeGods.  DeGods clone script is a ready-made clone script that resembles DeGods. DeGods is a deflationary collection on Solana blockchain composed of some virtual gods who screen artistic capability with their imaginative world. 

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What is DeGods? 

DeGods is a deflationary collection headquartered in Solana composed of 10,000 virtual gods who display artistic ability with their imaginative attire and eye-pleasing colors. For NFT collections to compete with one another these days, excitement, celebrity endorsements, and a splash of controversy seem to be the standard fuel.

What is DeGods native token?

The DeGods community token or DUST makes it possible for the project to continue to be useful in the future. There is no supply of SPL tokens on the blockchain for starters. The only method to min DUST tokens is either staking a DeGod NFT or buying them on secondary marketplaces which have a 33,300,000 maximum supply.
DeeadGod gets up to 7.5 DUST tokens every day, compared to DeGod's daily cap of 2.5 DUST for each staked DeGod. These DUST tokens may be bought using SOL and are listed on the DEX Raydium.
The DUST native token's goal is to change your DeGod to DeadGod. Users can start their future collections and take part in raffles and auctions. As they belong to the community, DeGods and DeadGods each have 3.6% and 95.8% of the total DUST token staked, respectively.

Steps to Earn DUST tokens 

Staking - Holders of DeGods can earn 10DUST tokens every day by staking their NFTs providing them with a ready source of passive income.
Burning - Additionally, keepers have the option to burn their DeGods which removes the "god" from circulation and boosts the value of the entire DeGods collection. To facilitate the burning of DeGods so that holders can obtain DeDAO Treasure DUST tokens, the team will soon build a flame dApp.

Is DeGods clone script a good investment NFT-based project?

Even while DeGods clone script is generating a lot of buzz and is becoming increasingly well-liked, it is still preferable to avoid purchasing due to the hype. Instead, it is advised to do some study before purchasing one. 
There is undoubtedly a lot of untapped potential in the idea which has a lot of promises.  Our team is continually experimenting and developing to push Web3 and the NFT world's limits. Remember that the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, therefore it is advisable to conduct your research before buying an NFT.

Why Coinjoker for developing NFT clone projects like DeGods?

CoinJoker is a prominent NFT project development company, that provides NFT projects like DeGods.e This Solana NFT project is one to keep an eye on since it is one of the most inventive and profitable possibilities now available on the NFT market. So, Our skilled developers do deep research on it and help you with your needs for business growth. We have to deliver your projects on time and also 24/7 customer support is available. 

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