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Add your own ideas in Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Add your own ideas in Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Surprised, yeah. You can add your own ideas in the script to launch an exchange platform. But the next question is how? In online there are many sources, but it is limited to such conditions and you can’t go with your thoughts. Here, we stand apart and able to meet your needs in the platform. Our licensed script allows you to do anything apart from the normal. Here, we provided solid features which origins from the minds of our developers.


Admin area features:

Informative Dashboard, Manage 100+ Currencies, Global payment Gateways, Users Management, Admin Earnings, Exchange Directions, Manage News, Email Templates, Site Settings, Reports.

Content management system:


Even anyone can manage the website pages through  CMS we offer. Don’t need to be technically knowledge to handle the site. You can opt in for HTML version too.


Languages and region:


Instant set up of upto many languages in the website depend on geographic location. If you are running an exchange in africa ,set the most popular langauge in exchange which is spoken there.


Wallet accounts:


As the most important nature of admin is user wallet accounts. Like seperate wallet, Balance Display, Detail Report, Search Transaction, Transaction History.


Buy/ sell coin feature:


Automated Approval (BTC/ETH), API Based Current Rate Display, E-Mail On, Buy / Sell Status Updates, Searchable Buy / Sell Records, creating Own Pair For Every Coin.


Furthermore, several specifications are embeded in the script we provide. If it needs to be change according to your taste, we help you to do.

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