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  • How to Build NFT Based Gaming like Axie Infinity? - An Introduction

How to Build NFT Based Gaming like Axie Infinity? - An Introduction

How to Build NFT Based Gaming like Axie Infinity? - An Introduction

Create NFT Game like Axie Infinity

To launch NFT powered Axie infinity clone platform for newbies and gamers is now possible with the Ready-made Axie Infinity clone solutions. It is 100% white label blockchain NFT Axie Infinity clone development that has an animated, metaverse pet-training game characters to buy, breed, and pit monsters known as play-to-earn business model.

As a Prominent Blockchain Game Development company, Coinjoker provides you a bug-free, User friendly, and ready to deploy NFT Axie Infinity Clone to launch a blockchain gaming platform that makes them as an attractive source of income and investment. 

Blockchain NFT Game like Axie Infinity

Build Blockchain NFT Gaming like Axie Infinity that reduces the frictions around buying and selling in-game assets in NFT Game platform. Garments and other features added to the game’s characters in axie infinity clone often cost players time in terms of gameplay or are bought for real money.

Coinjoker builds you a Axie Infinity Script clone that has quickly become the most successful entrepreneur and attractive cryptocurrency gaming platform. Our Blockchain Experts create you NFT gaming platform on Ethereum and also Solana-powered gaming website.

We create NFT Axie Infinity Game Clone that has its own unique look and feel, beats your game competitors and compete for the time, attention, and money among your players. Blockchain NFT Games Clone are an ideal way to determine the value of user-owned assets and crypto rewards, so it’s no surprise to see a success in NFT Gaming World.

To Know More Info About Axie Infinity Clone Script for Gaming Development

Some Quick Points About Axie Infinity

  • Communities in the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, and other developing regions are working to make a living out of playing Axie Infinity.
  • Axie Infinity charges a 4.25% transaction fee for every in-game transaction and there are fees for breeding new Axie characters. Most of that goes back to players as earnings.
  • Axie Infinity’s decentralized exchange, which will facilitate the direct buying and selling of Axie’s tokens among its players, reducing frictions.
  • Axie Infinity announced it raised $152 million at a $3 billion valuation (according to The Information) in a Series B round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.
  • To initiate battles, players must own at least three Axies, the cheapest of which are selling for around $200. The most expensive monster was sold in 2020 for 300 ether, then worth about $130,000.
  • The game recently crossed USD 25 Million daily trading volume and is already selling more than 50,000 NFT’s per day. 

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