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Crypto Exchange Clone Script
DateJun 17, 2019

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts for Korean Market

Coinjoker offers top 5 cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts for the korean market. Our cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts are ready to install and easy to use for building a reliable cryptocurrency exchange and trading website.

Blockchain Technology
DateJun 12, 2019

Coinjoker – A Exhibitor of World Blockchain Summit 2019

Coinjoker attends blockchain summit expo is happening to showcase the blockchain technologies and ideas and their network with world's top Blockchain companies, Indian startups and corporates indulged in Blockchain landscape

Blockchain Technology
DateJun 11, 2019

Coinjoker Engages in India's Dapp Fest 2019

It’s very pleasure time to us for announcing, Coinjoker will be a partner of India’s Dapp fest 2019. Coinjoker has well known for blockchain solutions and Decentralized application (Dapp) development for wide range of industries like business, startups and enterprises.

Smart Contracts
DateJun 07, 2019

Smart Contract Audit Services Company

Coinjoker smart contract audit services development company provides cutting-edge smart contracts that reduce intermediaries, neglects fraudulence, reduces costs efficiency and provides digital transparency during verification of records.

Bitcoin Exchange Script
DateMay 23, 2019

Bitcoin Price Hovers around $8K : What bitcoin business can start & Where?

Now, Its right time to start bitcoin exchange business, to become a part of cryptopreneur !! Coinjoker- Bitcoin exchange script solutions helps you to build your business without hassle.

Digital Token
DateMay 21, 2019

Consumer Token Offering (CTO) Development Company

Coinjoker offers consumer token offering (cto) services which helps to create their own consumer token. Hire our blockchain experts to create your own cto.

Blockchain Technology
DateMay 18, 2019

What is cardano blockchain? How it used for businesses?

Coinjoker- Blockchain development company offers public and private blockchain solution for startup, business and enterprises. Our experts are always here to assist you to build your business with customized blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Technology
DateMay 15, 2019

Build Your Own DAPP/DEX with Cosmos Network Blockchain

Coinjoker- Blockchain Development Company builds cosmos network which has been widely used for building decentralized application (Dapps).

Cryptocurrency Tokens
DateMay 13, 2019

Start Building Your Own ERC720/721 Token Creation

Having an idea to create your own ERC720/721 token? Don’t worry, you have just vacated the right place to build your own token. Coinjoker- ERC 720/721 Token Development company offers complete guidance from scratch.

Decentralized Exchange Script
DateMay 06, 2019

Multichain Decentralized Exchange Script

Coinjoker- Multichain Decentralized exchange development company offers an best multichain decentralized exchange script to build the first multi chain decentralized exchange in more secure and easier way.

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
DateApr 26, 2019

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot | Coinjoker

Coinjokers offers a fully sophisticated crypto trading bot solutions which allows you to set specific parameters for cryptocurrency exchanges at which time our bots execute trades on your behalf

Blockchain Technology
DateApr 20, 2019

Consensus Algorithms in Blockchain

The blockchain technology does not provide any decentralization this is the reason why the consensus algorithm is needed to make the system to be fully decentralized.

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