Digital Token

Digital Token
DateMay 21, 2019

Consumer Token Offering (CTO) Development Company

Coinjoker offers consumer token offering (cto) services which helps to create their own consumer token. Hire our blockchain experts to create your own cto.

Digital Token
DateMar 04, 2019

Equity Token Offering Development, advantages of ETO (Infographics)

Do you hear the word Equity token offering? Yes. That’s it. Being one of the impressive fund-raising model, it attracts the lots of accredited investors to apply for the investment. Due to its legalized and security nature, the Equity Token Development has been on the peak. It is composed of both the IPO, ICO and the venture capital. Have a look at this below.

Digital Token
DateFeb 04, 2019

Top 8 benefits of Security Token Offering

When compared to other public investment oppurtunities, security tokens are expensive to trade and tend to be more liquid investments, thus provides greater flexibility to the business owners in running their business.

Digital Token
DateDec 01, 2018

What is erc20 token? How to create your own token

ERC20 is the protocol standard that defines some set of rules which need to be met in order for a token to be accepted on the ethereum network. This set of standard rules are applied to all ERC20 tokens since these rules are needed to interact tokens with each other on ethereum network.

Digital Token
DateNov 14, 2017

Wanna Create Your Own Splendid Digital Token

While choosing Coinjoker, you can create your own cryptocurrency exchange website and you can also enable advanced features like token creation and token based exchange and trading services for your business platform.

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