Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology
DateApr 20, 2019

Consensus Algorithms in Blockchain

The blockchain technology does not provide any decentralization this is the reason why the consensus algorithm is needed to make the system to be fully decentralized.

Blockchain Technology
DateApr 04, 2019

Blockchain in Real Estate

Coinjoker offers innovative blockchain development solutions to accelerate your real estate business. Our professional team of blockchain developers delivers services with quality work and better functionality.

Blockchain Technology
DateMar 15, 2019

Blockchain Development Company

The advent of Blockchain Technology has drawn the eye of the many app development corporations. Coinjoker has earned the reputation by delivering exceptional blockchain app development solutions. Our team of elite Blockchain developers equipped with outstanding skillset can give you with the required answer.

Blockchain Technology
DateMar 11, 2019

Future of Blockchain in Healthcare

Did you know? More than 6.1 millions patients individual medical data have been theft since from the beginning of 2018, most of the health-care already in the process of adopting blockchain to provide secure and integrated care to the patients.

Blockchain Technology
DateMar 06, 2019

Blockchain Solutions - Enterprises, Supplychain, Healthcare

Coinjoker - The Key Player in Blockchain Development has been experienced in offering the high grade blockchain solutions for enterprises, startups or even bigger organization. We accomplish your goals by applying the latest distributed hyperledger technologies, identity management solutions and smart contract deployment.

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