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  • A Complete Guide for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Binance Clone Development - Working Flow, Features, Advantages & Cost

A Complete Guide for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Binance Clone Development - Working Flow, Features, Advantages & Cost
Cryptocurrency Exchange

A Complete Guide for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Binance Clone Development - Working Flow, Features, Advantages & Cost

As everyone knows, Binance is one of the most leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms when compared to the other cryptocurrency exchanges present in the world. The business application of cryptocurrency exchange website is to handle with numerous number of cryptocurrencies which done through crypto to crypto trade.

This prominent exchange platform- Binance,  gains a huge number of traders, exchangers, and even gain new users attention every day. The blockchain technology and IOTA things provide outstanding facilities like low trading charges, user-friendly UI design, and impressive crypto coin offers during exchanges

Having an idea to launch a secure P2P crypto trading platform exactly like Binance?

This blog will surely guide you with all the necessary information about Binance Exchange its functions, features, and cost to develop your own exchange.

Introduction - Binance Exchange

Binance is a Cryptocurrency P2P Crypto Trading solution, that allows the Users to register and trade Cryptocurrencies with other Users. It is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest cryptocurrency Trading/ Exchange platforms in the world.

This exchange provides investors with one of the widest range of cryptocurrencies available in the current market place. Binance exchange is easy to navigate making it suitable for both advanced as well as the beginner trader and investor. It offers multiple trading platforms to provide different levels of trading experience. 

You can also build your own Binance decentralized exchange platform!!!

Why prefer Binance for Crypto Exchange/trading?

Low Fee - Binance is one of the major platforms that charge a very low trading fee at just 0.1% for each and every single trade.

High Security - The Binance Platform serves high security with a 2 Factor Authentication feature that sends a security code to your mobile number for every single action that takes place.

OTC - Offers better pricing for larger buy or sell trades and fastens settlement for all trades.

Listing - The platform allows the traders\ users to list their cryptocurrencies which they want to sell or the cryptos which they want to buy.

High Volume Trade - The Trade volume is extremely high as there is numerous trade happening on the platform for each and every second.

Margin Trading - Allows traders to trade with margin.

P2P - P2P platform allows traders to buy and sell cryptos directly with the users.

Plenty of Altcoins - Binance supports more than 500+ of cryptocurrency coins and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, ETH, Bitcoin cash, etc.

Extrusive Advantages of Binance Exchange Platform:

● High Performance for Crypto Trading

● All Options are Covered for Traders

● Offers Safety, Stability for Cryptos

● MultipleLanguage, Multilingual Support for easy trading

● High Liquidity 

● Multiple-Coin Support

Binance Trading - Workflow

Trading on Binance is quite a user friendly and easy. Users can choose their trading option between the “basic”, “classic” and “advanced” interfaces.

Basic: This is the easiest and simplest way to trade on the Binance exchange. Users can trade Bitcoin, BNB, litecoin, ETH, and a wide range of other cryptos in just minutes.

Classic: This standard Binance exchange provides a more traditional platform to their users. The platform includes various trading options and charts to trade with stop loss, by market or limit order, and either spot or with margin. 

Spot trading

For spot trading, users can select between three different trading options based on their experience level. The classic interface option produces a quick view of the market and trading pairs by making it easier to switch pairs. 

For the beginners or less experienced trader, there is a basic quick trade option that allows to simply convert coins at the market rate, without any charts or order books.

Margin Trading

Margin trading is only available for the selected trading pairs, admitting the users to trade with leverage of up to 10x on some coins. Binance also offers leveraged future trading.

Binance also has an additional feature called “One Cancels the other”. This feature facilitates an option where a stop-limit order and a limit order are placed at the same time. When either of the ordered pair gets triggered, the other order will be canceled. If one gets canceled, then the OCO pair will automatically get canceled.

Advanced: The advanced trading option offers all of the “Classic” features. In addition to this, there are more trading tools available within the charts. The advanced interface gives users access to advanced charting tools.

How to start Crypto Exchange like Binance?

If you are looking to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance, then we have a fantastic offer for you. We - Coinjoker as a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts Provider, offers all the relevant requirements to start your own exchange business with Binance Clone Script with topmost security features.

Binance Website Clone Script

Binance clone script is a ready-made website script that can be quickly accessed and customized to launch a website in the marketplace on a cost-effective budget. Get the benefits of the platform by customizing our Binance script clone according to your need that perfectly fit your business.

We provide a world-class Binance clone script in the market to start your exchange platform in just 7 days. Our white label solutions are checked to be error-free and are completely ready to be launched in the market.

Security Features in Binance Clone Script

1. 2 Factor Authentication

2. MultiSig Wallet Integration

3. Google Authentication

4. SMS authentication settings

5. Atomic Swaps

6. Mobile Trading, Android, IOS, and Windows app

7. Email Verifications

The above-listed features have been included in the Binance website clone script. In addition to the above-listed features, you can also customize as per your wish and kickstart your crypto trading business easily.

Steps to develop a crypto exchange clone script like Binance

Development stage

● Customer’s Queries Gathering & management 

● Wireframing & Prototyping 

● UX Design & UI Integration 

● Web application development like binance 

● Client requirements according to their place, customer demands 

● QA testing 

3 Simple Steps to launch Binance Clone Website

1. Get our Binance Clone Script from us and customize it according to your business requirements with the help of our Blockchain Development Team.

2. Add the respective add-ons and features that you want to integrate into your exchange business to facilitate potential services.

Now it's ready to launch!

3. Finally you can launch your exchange platform into the market, watch your crypto business grow, and in return which makes you huge revenue.

What is the Cost of Building Business Like Binance?

The Binance Clone Script will cost you around a minimum amount of 5000USD and the price will get vary according to the customization of adding features and upgraded beneficial options for your convenience in the crypto trading platform. 

If you are seeking to get bug free and completely secured binance like crypto exchange website your invested amount is the only thing for your future profit. Get the productive and customized binance website clone script at an affordable price rather than losing your traders in a risky platforms at a low budget.

What Coinjoker offers in the Binance Clone script?

1. Customizable Clone Script with the upgraded security features and  updated Technologies 
2. Features to accept and pair any tokens /Cryptocurrencies in the solution
3. Exciting Charting and Technical tools for the Traders to analyze the markets with Basic & Advanced Trading pages
4. Promote the ICO and crowdfund the same with the Users available on the platform

Fill out the form below to get an Exclusive Binance Clone Script !!

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