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Coinjoker – Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution 2017
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinjoker – Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution 2017



The past years cryptocurrencies have seen a significant rise in digital world. Due to this number of cryptocurrency exchange startups in worldwide has exponentially increased. But  according to the recent research, only fewer and fewer exchange startup is obtaining venture capital rise funding for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. Rest of them facing for bootstrapping their exchange business to expand globally.


Those fresh bitcoin entrpreneurs are struggling to startup their own cryptocurrency exchange business because of concerning about growth and success.  For Providing great solution for those bitcoin business starters and entrepreneurs have discovered great boon- Cryptocurrency Exchange Script.


With the help of cryptocurrency exchange script, is it even possible to bootstrap a exchange  startup to millions of users ?


Yeah, Its now possible with these secure and advance crypotcurrency exchange business solutions !


Cryptocurrency exchange solution


Coinjoker – Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution is steering your exchange business startup in the right direction to your valuable traders and exchangers and it becomes a greater visibility and create a brand awareness to your cryptocurrecncy exchange business.The following exchange business features in cryptocurrency exchange script is following now !


#Enterprise Search Engine :

Coinjoker – Cryptocurrency exchange script provides an easy access for all your traders and exchangers from all devices. It provides an advanced customization, trading and exchanging flexibility, high level performance.


#Digital Asset Exchanging and Trading :

Digital asset exchange script supports any public or private blockchain business models - including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Ripple. Its automatically support for 500+ cryptocurrencies and provide loyalty for trading.


#Various API Integrations :

Coinjoker is the leading API integration service provider for digital exchanging and trading & blockchain related businesses. Coinjoker provides API methods like FIX, Binary, WebSocket, Custom APIs.


#Binding Escrow Service :

Escrow binding module protects to hang the funds, gives a path when seller/ buyer fails to act their trade not upon their trust and plays a scam.


#Dual Authentication With CSRF :

It places a role to have an eye security purpose to make the cryptocurrency transactions after verified by both participators in cryptocurrency exchanging and trading.


#Blockchain2.0 Technology :

Coinjoker ( blockchain software & solution ) main ambition is to create enterprise ready made blockchain 2.0 business solutions that solution overcome existing exchanging and trading business restrictions of the technology in terms of security, scalability, privacy and confidentiality.


#Token Creation and Exchanging :

A cryptocurrency token is similar to issuing a check in a virtual formation. The owner of the token has the right to claim the underlying digital asset. Coinjoker provides token creation concept based token based exchanging and trading for your business.


#White-label Solution :

Building an own cryptocurrency exchange business with white-label software is a solution. But exchanging with escrow application is a best and reliable solution for cryptocoin exchanges.


#Liquidity Solution :

Coinjoker has now came up with the exclusive technology that would bring cryptocoin exchanges with liquidity. It has developed a liquidity addon for trading business platform that can handle bitcoin exchange business smartly in the virtual currency space.


About Coinjoker :


Coinjoker also allows you to trade cryptocoin – in all cryptocoin situations you can predict whether the cryptocoin value will go higher or lower. This is an amazing feature for those who like to stay up-to-date cryptocoin exchange website with the latest technologies and latest development in bitcoin trading business.

Get ready to make your profit more secure form cryptocoin exchange features. Try a free demo & clear idea about cryptocurrency exchange script functionalities.

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