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Why R & D Keep Going In Blockchain Technology ?

Why R & D Keep Going In Blockchain Technology ?


In recent month, All are murmuring about Blockchain & it's popularity.,

Really what it refers and why it's for ? 

A Block Chain Is ..,

A blockchain is a registry of records arranged in data batches called “Blocks” that uses cryptographic validation to merge records together. Everyblock identifies the previous block by of hashing function.

Is It Like A Database ?

A blockchain is like a database with built in validation, Means the clever bit is the ledger not stored in a master location or managed by any specific body, it’s simply be distributed on multiple computers at the same time, such a way anyone with an interest can maintain a copy of it.

Actually blockchain is a kind of independent, transparent, and permanent database with coexisting in multiple place and locations and shared by a community. So only it’s sometimes referred to as a mutual distributed ledger (MDL).

What It’s Growth ?

“You may come heard a myth of Bitcoin that consumes the energy consumption of Ireland”,Said by Michael Mainelli. That’s absolutely wrong statement,It takes only half of the energy,Proven later.

Meanwhile, one large bank recently announced that it has planned to bring out up to 400 different kinds of virtual currency, they risk consuming 200 Irelands’ worth of power just to keep them running, this is where all bank tries to move on, Only to change the today economic system.

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