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  • Security – A Winning Mantra for Bitcoin Trading Business

Security  – A Winning Mantra for Bitcoin Trading Business
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Security – A Winning Mantra for Bitcoin Trading Business


Trading Business Website Security Is Our Top Priority!


In a bitcoin trading world that is becoming less and less safety, more and more intrusive, bitcoin traders account information is always in demand. In this case bitcoin trading business owners and investors need to be more and more attentive in their trading business security measures. The ethics of bitcoin trading business platform itself is to be your own bank and you act like as a personal bank manager. So here, you should know about the latest Bitcoin trading security measures.


Trading Business Website Without Security Is Like A Dream Without A Goal


Wondering how security and trading business hand in hand? There is confusion if security is part of trading business or is it an independent security function.


The truth is, you cannot do trading business without investing in security features, and you can’t do security features without coinjoker!


It provides security solutions for bitcoin trading business each and every functionalities & services! Lets start with,


# Cold Storage management : Coinjoker believe that having private keys in offline computers isn't enough for owner of the exchanges. Every business investor needs to be well defined services and procedures for management of private keys in organizations dealing with Bitcoin.


Coinjoker believe that bitcoin trading platforms must be able to provide proof of having implemented right strategy procedures.


  • Multiple authority control over keys


  • Safe business backups in segregated geo-locations


  • Multiple signature bitcoin addresses


  • Offline FIPS Level-3 devices


  • Advanced auditable key ceremony artifacts


# Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) :  You can enable primary email account, password manager, bitcoin software wallets , Dropbox and iCloud accounts, backups, social, work for authorization. And you can set a calendar reminder to above accounts.


If multi-factor is so much better, why not use it?


Its really worth safety measures for your bitcoin trading business.


#Traders Account protection:  Heuristic algorithms and methodologies are employed to monitor for unusual trading account activities. If failed login attempts and anything goes wrong , it will immediately process an account lock-down and automatically terminate any active sessions.


# Secured Trading charts : You can access many trading technical indicators and trade directly from the trading chart on bitcoin exchanges.


#Safety Alerts :  You can access trigger SMS options, E-Mail provisions & In-Browser bitcoin Price Alerts.


# Secured API Services :  Get instant access to real-time API services & historical trading data methods . Enterprise-grade data and solution feeds for individual owners & institutions.


#Secured Third-Party Integrations:   As a owner of the business, you can enable tons of Apps and Third-Party Integrations with your bit coin exchanges . This feature generated under highly rigorous conditions, with high strict segregation of roles using top security technology devices.


#Bitcoin Wallet :  This software also provides easy & quick trading features with instant deposits/withdrawals of BTC/INR. Its mainly focused on bitcoin wallet Security.


Complete Transparency is an essential part of our development culture at coinjoker - bitcoin exchange software. It make frequent iterations and methodologies over our security implementations and constantly add new security features.


The Greatest Bitcoin Trading Website Security Feature of 2017 – Escrow !


#Escrow Application :  Escrow service protect bitcoin sellers from fraudulent bitcoin buyers. While using escrow application, you no need to worry about bitcoin transactions. How Bitcoin Escrow System Makes Hope For Newbies to Make Trade? Just click, if you want to know !


Smile because You are more secure with Coinjoker!


About Coinjoker:


Coinjoker aims to tackle many challenges and to design a wide range of bitcoin trading software with advanced security features that helps to every Bit-coiner's need.


You will wonder how you ever lived without Coinjoker! 


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