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  • Relationship between Bitcoin & Ransomware that makes bitcoin exchange business being more strong !

Relationship between Bitcoin & Ransomware that makes bitcoin exchange business being more strong !
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Relationship between Bitcoin & Ransomware that makes bitcoin exchange business being more strong !


What is ransomware?


Ransomware is malicious software. It’s designed to either lock or encrypt consumer files (crypto-ransomware). Successful ransomware infections allow cyber criminals to demand bitcoin payment from the victim in exchange for file restoring process.Ransomware is one of the oldest cyberthreats.


Today, Top software companies & technology based business people are talking frequently about ransomware. This threat has been growing in everywhere. A ransomware app also recently made it into the google play store in january month 2017th.


Where the attack has been happend ?


  • The number of devices that we use in our daily lives is growing well beyond computers and smartphones.


  • The Internet devices security cameras, TV webcams.


  • Ransomware attack arises on places like hospitals. They can easily stoled their patient data.


  • Cyber attackers held an Australian hotel network for ransom. The cyper criminals demanded $1,800 in digital currency (bitcoin) to release their network while preventing guests from checking in and out of the hotel & locking them out of their guest rooms. No choice here, so the australian hotel paid up!


  • A cryptothreats or ransomware attack also hit San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency. ransomware taking down their ticketing systems. The cyber criminals asked for $73,000 in exchange for restoration of the Municipal Docs.


  • You know that, cyber criminals used ransomware schemes against unconscious consumers. The criminals stole their important data like passwords. They locked down their computers with cryptography methods. After that cyber criminals demanded ransoms in the millions of dollars to unlock the computer or systems.


  • In this peak situation, attacked consumer faced with no choice, the particular consumer paid the ransoms in Bitcoin (digital currency).


  • Above attacks are normal. But now cyber criminals are focus on cryptoworld. Yes, it's very biggest problem and dangerzone for crypto traders. The target is now bitcoin. Crypto ransomware is powerful. Especially, when it uses public key cryptography.


100% exact relationship between bitcoin & ransonware :


I deeply researched & stated below this,


Nowadays, misconception among business people is that the ransomware attacks are due to digital currencies. This statement is false. The ransomware attack has been located for a long time, before bitcoin bacame famous. Now ransomware taking just the choice of payment bitcoin, because of the reason is easy for transaction.


Why hackers not interested with other payment system & why focused on bitcoin payment?


Every hackers trusted bitcoin payment & bitcoin’s value. It’s growing everyday. This bitcoin price volatility is the main reason. Actually there is no relationship between bitcoin & ransomware virus. Attacker believes that bitcoin is the best payment method to collect money in easiest way. Other than that, nothing is there.


Attacked consumer should enter the wallet address. So automatically attackers can see the status of bitcoin transaction. This kind of activity creates multiple wallet & unlimited addresses, its another one of the added advantage for hackers. This is what actually happened between bitcoin and ransomware.



The Launch of “ Wanna Decryptor “ Ransomware . What it Causes ?


A new ransomware tech made breaking headlines around the globe on Friday. The “Wanna Decryptor” ransomware has spread to 74 countries. One of the happiest things about Bitcoin is the transparency of the payment system. The bitcoin exchange platform is so transparent that you can easily watch the bitcoin wallet addresses associated with "Wanna Decryptor" receive their Bitcoin ransoms in instantly. Wanna Decryptor ransomware had infected 45,000 systems over a 24 hours. Main thing is, you can easily tracked how much cash each account had received.


However, In previous ransomware hackers paying through Bitcoin has been the only way to restore and access to your files. But in this case, Wanna decryptor malware is the most powerful and successful programs to date, We can easily detect and watch this attack success unfold in real-time thanks to the unbelievable transparency of the blockchain technology.


Okay! Now we discuss about,


Bitcoin Exchange business being More Strong!


Most of the entrepreneurs and business professionals are using bitcoin. Today, financial leading countries are using bitcoin to make online transactions. Even beginners in the business industry eagerly using bitcoin for developing their businesses.


Bitcoin exchange business : Every transaction you make is recorded by bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin exchange is reliable & secure business. There is no doubt. Bitcoin is fastest transaction payment method. Traders authorize each transaction that activity prevents hacking situation.No 3rd party interference in p2p transactions.


Already we have to analyze, bitcoin – the digital currency is most powerful payment method and ransomware attack proving again transparent transactions. Even hackers also trusted bitcoin's value and bitcoin payment.


This is the right time to invest in bitcoin-related business. You can analyze bitcoin exchange business success story in many magazine.


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