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Telecom World is Looking For Entrepreneurs in Blockchain

Telecom World is Looking For Entrepreneurs in Blockchain

DateMar 11, 2019

The largest telecommunications company in Spain has announced that they are looking for entrepreneurs in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, according to an official press release.

Telefónica, based out of Madrid, has launched a month-long initiative to support startups and innovative projects with the goal to “revolutionize traditional ecosystems through new technologies.” These technologies are to include blockchain, AI, virtual reality and big data.

Being one of the biggest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world, Telefónica, has made their search for these influential entrepreneurs in the emerging industries for the first time under its tech incubator subsidiary, Telefónica Open Future.

A rough translation from their press release goes on to explain what they plan on accomplishing by launching this open search for entrepreneurs:

“This call is aimed at strengthening the growth of companies in territories and ecosystems where there is already great entrepreneurial talent.”

The open call will be available for entrepreneurs is to remain open until March 20th, with the final selected startups being promoted and backed by the Global Open Future network and Telefónica, as explained in the press release. According to Telefónica this is just the beginning of what they hope is a global platform, connecting public and private institutions focused on innovation.



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