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Money 2.0 You Need To Know About
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Money 2.0 You Need To Know About


Bitcoin, It’s a money 2.0 we all move into. Everything need a change right? 

As like,Bitcoin is the next version of money in now & future.

We commonly have 3 types of currency,

Commodity based - don't need to transfer money via third party medium like bank,government
Politically based 
Mathematically based - we are running with Math based currency exchange
What Is Math Based Currency Exchange ?  
It is a process taken over the internet. Digital based exchange is what exactly referred as 
“Math Based Currency Exchange”. In which, we have lot of mathematical algorithms & instructions to exchange our money from peer to peer.
Most important thing : it is a decentralized activity, means no one can interfere your trading, limits, liquidity.

We back in 2014 heard about this groundbreaking decentralized system for currency exchange was so speculative .Now we started to invest & use for our daily routine,Yes we almost crossed this 2.0.

Seems like,“Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser”,Said by Wences Casares .


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