Sellbitbuy develops the Localbitcoins clone script

Localbitcoins is the global bitcoin exchange website used to exchange, buy or sell the bitcoins. This platform was founded in Finland in 2012, the platform’s main objective is to give the user an efficient way to trade or exchange the bitcoins in peer to peer manner. Also, the site makes use of an advertising system for buying and sells the bitcoins between the traders. Interested people can respond to that ad for proceeding with the transactions. This internal peer to peer communication between the users makes the platform more popular around the world. In fact, it had made a strong reputation among the bitcoin community around the world.

Knowing this typical business model of localbitcoins, entrepreneurs are showing more interest to start a website clone like localbitcoins. But it needs a lot of dedicated developers, technical requirements to proceed.

To do this job much easier, LocalbitcoinsClone script is designed by sellbitbuy which is used to architect the website like localbitcoins. The script offers limitless opportunities like Client Admin panel dashboard, order book, Payment gateway, secure wallet integration, bitcoin escrow module etc.

Admin Panel

  • The admin panel with customized dashboard helps the site owners to see users  Buy-Sell transactions, Send-Receive transactions and able to control the user activity which happening in the platform.
  • The Dashboard can provide the brief overview to see running exchange and the transactions in BTC which occurred in the exchange site between the users.
  • The view user status shows details about the user id, User Name, Email Ids etc. It also displays the document status, KYC identification status for each user if it exists.
  • The Buy-Sell tab captures transaction Id, time stamp, amount and description of the transaction
  • The view Send-Receive tab captures transaction id, details of a sender or receiver like email id, description, and timestamp etc.

Order Book:

The order book is the complete history of BTC transactions which loaded in the form of hyper ledger data format. It also shows the liquidity volume in other exchanges to run the trade continuously.

The payment order dashboard contains information Name Id, Email id, Phone, Amount and the beneficiary bank details and the transaction status.

Payment gateway:

Payment integration is the key factor for every bitcoin exchanges to implement. Whenever the exchanges have a number of payment gateway channels, there will be more possibilities for users to involve in trading and exchanges. Sellbitbuy clone script comes with bank wire, PayPal and other payment gateways which you can implement.

Secure Wallet integration:

The wallets can be integrated into the exchange site with the help of functional API which is available. The API can help site owners to facilitate the exchange and storing the bitcoins in their personal wallets. The wallets are assigned with the private key address for every user who is logged in.

Bitcoin escrow module:

Escrow system is the admin module management which is used in exchange and trading platform to facilitate the transactions in an easy way. If the trader or buyer has a dispute, he can contact the admin of the website to solve the issue in the quick method. 

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