How to launch ICO in Italy, Malta, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil

Since Launching an ICO and getting finance for the project has many advantages. Before anything, you must support your ico with good service and company because this support will attract potential investors.

1. Design your brand:

Give a name and logo to your ICO, attractive names and logos can make the coins to be easily identified.

2. Token creation:

 Token creation can be done easily through smart contracts on ethereum platform.

3. Promote your coins:

If you have a coin with an attractive logo, name and also a good project then the only thing you have to do is to promote it among the people to make them buy.

Make use of social media networks, communities and all because publicity is the major factor that ensures the success of your ICO. This is a very tedious step in launching successful ICO, if you do it right, investors will arrive on their own.

4. Finally, start your project: 

In this stage, you have to fulfill the things that you have detailed in your whitepaper and roadmap.

Several other tips for making your ICO successful

Set goals - make clear goals of your project in a whitepaper, which will tend to increase the confidence of investors.

Secure your ICO - Hence there is an increase in hacking attempts on many popular websites, securing your ICO is absolutely important. With the securely developed ICO, you can easily tackle this hacking.

Make use of ICO tools - There exist hundreds of ICO tools, but choosing the right one is indispensable for attaining success in your ICO.

Get a reliable team of developers - The chances of achieving success is higher with a team of professional developers.

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