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How to earn permanent income for starting bitcoin lending platform ?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How to earn permanent income for starting bitcoin lending platform ?


Are you thinking about to launch bitcoin exchange business or develop your exchange business with margin lending ? Sounds good !


This article will tell you about what is bitcoin exchange business & how to enable permanent income on bitcoin exchange platform for starting margin lending features !


What is bitcoin margin lending?


Margin lending : The safest way of lending to margin traders.


Bitcoin margin lending : It helps investors earn interest with limited risk on the crypto-currencies market.  Simply saying, Investors don't have to take care about the computer program & settings. You can just provide your users and they can simply create an account, pick up a strategy and monitor the results with simple charts.


Before explaining the functionalities we must define some steps of margin lending which you can give to your users or traders.


How to setup Margin lending into Bitcoin Exchange Platform ?


It’s really pretty straightforward process.  

Startups & bitcoin exchange platform owners can give below steps for your valuable users.


  1. Simply create a new account

  2. Make a deposit

  3. Create an API key & copy it on your business platform.

  4. Traders can activate their margin lending and its appear after a few minutes.

  5. Traders can monitor their gain amounts and daily charts.


If would like margin lending to generate higher returns, coinjoker margin lending software gives you some different right strategies.  


Margin Lending Strategies :


  1. Basic

  2. Wall

  3. Long maturity

  4. Spread funds over time strategy

  5. Spread funds into book depth strategy


Bitfinix, Poloniex, Quoine bitcoin exchange platform using and implementing above strategies for bitcoin margin lending platform. So, if you want to rebuild or develop your exchange business like above successful platform, then hire coinjoker software provider for inaugurating margin lending into new or existing business platform.


What are the advantages of using coinjoker margin lending software ?



Coinjoker offers bitcoin exchange software which has multiple features to create an attractive platform. It offers advanced order types customization, margin trading addon , margin lending addon and etc.


Margin lending is a liquidity feature, which goes hand in hand with the advanced margin trading and comes in play when we are seriously talking about permanent income.


Investors can provide liquidity in the form of money and bitcoin to traders, who want to trade on margin based. While choosing coinjoker margin lending feature, it allows investors to lend their money to traders and earn daily interest from them.


Start earning today without hesitations. If you would like to earn interest from margin lending without spending time, coinjoker margin lending software will do the job for you !



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