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  • How hackers are hijacking Top Digital Currency Bitcoin ? How to Protect Yourself?

How hackers are hijacking Top Digital Currency Bitcoin ? How to Protect Yourself?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How hackers are hijacking Top Digital Currency Bitcoin ? How to Protect Yourself?


Why the Latest Bitcoin Hack ? 

Do you know the Reason ? I strongly believe, you know about  how bitcoin system working  & how can you mine bitcoin. Stealing Bitcoins are worth thousand of dollars ! 

If you love the concept of Bitcoin system, you love this article to read.  

I believe the Internet will redefine currency as we know it. Bitcoin doesn’t have a currency characteristic and you can't deposited in any bank. Bitcoin is a virtual currency held in software that acts as a ‘digital bitcoin wallets’ which is proven to be unprotected to thieves and hackers.

Hackers are hijacking Phone, Email , Bank Account  & etc! How To Protect Yourself from hacking? 

Attackers or Hackers have stolen billions of dollars in bitcoin by using only phone numbers & your mail address. You should never forget that your phone number is your main identity.

Do you know about Bitcoin Hackers?

Most of the people have communicated with their attackers & bitcoin hackers  by using phone. While most IP addresses lead to the Philippines, traders who spoke to their hackers by phone. The hacker might pretended to be Russian and was clear English speaker by using Google Translate.

Traders you must know about hackers. These kind of victims agree that it is not a lone hacker. They are team or multiple team ! which statement is likely how they are able to steal lot of traders account in such a small time period once they do hijack a phone number.

Once hacker have breached an traders account, they seem to comb that victim’s data for other traders contacts. Hacker targeted people fist one is involved in Ethereum, the second one is most popular cryptocurrency exchange network to Bitcoin. 

 Let we see how Hackers are hacking Bitcoin ? 

Hacking Users Stealing Private Key or Blockchain password :

Owning a Cryptocurrency Wallet literally means owning a Private key or Blockchain Password.  Usually this Private Key is a long string of  letters & Number you know.

No matter  where you save your Private key and your bitcoin wallet is unsafe to theft since the hacker simply needs to get access to your Private key. Attackers & Hackers main target is ‘Online services‘ that save the private keys for a large number of users. In this case the Hacker copying database of private keys and  easy to get control of the bitcoins at all those user addresses. Hacker can now spend all bitcoins wherever he wants, this is actually happened..!.

You worried about your money ?  we have right now with all information.

Note : Use at your own discretion!  Traders & Bitcoin Investors should knowledge about such bitcoin hackers & attackers if you are investing your money in bitcoin investment. 

Important Note for traders & bitcoin trading business people:  Stay away from easy money. Don't trust good looking trading platforms . You will loose what you have in your wallet!!

@ Coinjoker Final Word : Communicate , Ask Many Questions & Don’t Assume !  

What is Coinjoker:

Coinjoker is leading superior platform to create your own bitcoin exchange business with white-label trading script. Coinjoker are thriving to give the most security platform to build up your bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies exchange website. We are giving the more attention to bring out “won’t do hijacking trading platform”. Give me the time to explain about our script how it works for you & your trading business startup ! 

Coinjoker having the multiple options to secure each & every bitcoin transactions. We care about your digital wallets through multi-sig benefits. 

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