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Posted On March 05, 2019 at 01:28 PM
Updated March 05, 2019 at 06:57 PM

ODC - Offshore Development Center !!

  • Looking to build a crew to work in your project?
  • Wanna Set up a workplace, to get all your web & digital tasks done?
  • Having a variety of IT goals to be accomplished, with a team of dedicated resources?
  • If you meet any of the cases listed above, Here you go, you landed at the right place.

What is ODC?

Nowadays, outsourcing has become a normal practice. It helps the companies to concentrate on their actual businesses. Ours is client friendly organization. Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) makes you feel as it is your own development wing.

We always try to understand the needs of our clients. Our solutions are designed to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients. Client satisfaction is our main objective.

At Coinjoker, We provide world-class custom software development services through Agile Methodologies.

If your company has already made the strategic decision to go offshore and is about to make a leap into the “Outsourcing Zone”, Our unique business models pave the quickest and safest way to offshore success. Working with our dedicated resource program.  

Our proposal is to set up a dedicated offshore development center for you at our premises. An ODC @Coinjoker, where you would be able to continue to develop your projects and serve your internal and external clients with the same or improved quality levels, but at a drastically reduced cost.

We will provide a world-class facility, set up the environment, staff with the qualified and talented team and institute has proven processes and reporting structure. It will be an extension of your own facility, available to you at a reduced cost, without the hassle of you managing it. 

How do you Benefit?

Our Offshore Team helps & comforts you in various aspects. To list a few,
1.Skillful resources teamed up to work dedicatedly.
2.Reduced manpower cost
3.Surpassing IT skill sets. 
4.Reduced Infrastructure cost (Development center cost)
5.Reduced recruitment & administration
6.Reduced Training & development cost
7.Ability to maintain low-cost ‘buffer’ to meet staff turnover. 
8.Faster turn-around time
9.Ability to ramp up/down quickly with no adverse implications. 
10.Ability to maintain low-cost ‘bench’ to meet sudden spurts in business needs.

Integrated Service at one Place 
The Services that you could benefit by hiring from Coinjoker are,

  • Systems Analysis
  • System Design
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Engineering 
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Systems Testing
  • Systems Architecture 
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Integration & Technology Migration
  • Our Company gives more importance to software testing
  • Our support team is available 24/7
  • We always keep our self updated with state-of-art technologies. 

Our Team :

Our employees, team leaders, and managers are well experienced, well-trained & dedicated. Ours is a 24 hours company. In general, programmers work for 160 hours a month.

However, our programmers work for 190 hours a month in your time zone based on your convenience. Our employees work 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). We have people supporting the US and all other continents.

 We give you an option to pick the right skills & we build you a team of dedicated resources to work in your project.  

We equip the resources with all the necessary stuff to render their job. The Offshore Development Center that we set up for you in our premises will act as your own work infrastructure where you will be the reporting authority.

Interested in our ODC service?

Just drop us your contact detailed here, we will reach you at once.

Contact details:

Mobile: +91 9791703519

Skype: live:support_60864

Email: [email protected]

Telegram : t.me/Coin_Joker

Messenger: m.me/Cryptoexchangescript


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