CyberFi : A New Generation Automated DeFi Platform- A Beginners Guide
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CyberFi : A New Generation Automated DeFi Platform- A Beginners Guide

Every one knows that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a major sector of crypto and finance industry is going to be a passing topic. In fact, it has been around for a couple of years now of DeFi evolution. Recently, it was slighlty skipped by the majority of the crypto community, and because it only recently has been receiving the attention it deserves.

Several new concepts in DeFi are aiming to tackle various issues are emerging at a record pace. Eventhough, there is still a lot of things that needs to be upgraded and solved in DeFi platform. To Overcome this issue facing in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform, An Alternative Solutions is New Generated intelligent trading and increased automation, which is bigthing that a brand new project called CyberFi is set to achieve.

What is Cyberfi?

CyberFi is a new generated automatic and intelligence, cross-chain layer for multichain platform that aims to fill a gap in Dentralized Finance (DeFi) trading by addressing a variety of issues faced in DeFi, including high fees, certain entry fees, specific onboarding barriers, divergence, and poor user experiences.

CyberFi is developed to rectify some of the major inhibiting and challenging problems in decentralized finance when it comes to trade execution, risk mitigation, and interoperability.

What is the aim of CyberFi?

The main idea is to provide a viable alternative to centralized exchanges CEXs with unprecedented control for users and a user-friendly management interface. CyberFi also includes the kind of complex trade automation abilities that traditional financial markets enjoy. From risk mitigation to cross-chain trade automation, CyberFi does it all.

CyberFi hopes to increase DeFi access among casual crypto enthusiasts as well as professional investors. It will also use its functionality to serve as a bridge between DeFi projects on alternative blockchains. And Cyberfi already have ability to leading some significant project integrations.

CyberFi Trading platform

In the past days, Placing Limit orders on cryptocurrency trading platform is working as very effective and easily adopted by centralized exchanges. From the backend view, it is effectively perform by the crypto trading platform using order book execution.

CyberFi rectifies the technical intricacies in backend and allows implementation of automatic smart order execution. CyberFi will stream the live price feeds from several crypto exchanges based on a “Best Trade Value” (BTV) concept, that autonomously search for the best price and the smallest fees available on the market.

CyberFi will provide risk mitigation mechanisms for highly-volatile assets, with PDI Change Speed (PDICS) embedded into automatic smart orders. The trader will be able to set up the parameters of a trade based on price or percentage change against time for a particular token using a PDICS.

Automation of Complex DeFi strategies

Yield farming is one of the main industry for exponential growth of the Defi space. It is noted for very large returns, on the other hand, it carries significant risks.

Every single transaction in defi yield farming consumes a GAS fee, and that can become a frustrating and costly process. CyberFI a automatic platform will utilise developed Price Triggers and BTV to support users with complex data calculations to set up the correct Automatic Orders to mitigate risks of Divergence/Impermanent Loss. 

Defi can work through the Pre-defined set of parameters and automation of execution of trades will be vital for participating in High-risk yield Farming. Cyber tool is a game changer not only in the yield farming game, it upgrades the DeFi user experience as we know it today.

CyberFi is working on an upgrade that will process live price feeds with a 10 to 30-second latency from multiple exchanges

Cross Chain Automation Mechanism

CyberFi allows users to create cross-chain automated complex event scenarios on blockchains such as  Binance Smart Chain(BSC), COSMOS, Polkadot, and others. This would allow cyberfi CFi token holders to effectively move over a part of their cryptocurrency funds onto a different blockchain network or participate in an event or a crypto exchange.

CyberFi (CFi) Token

The native CyberFi token — CFi will be used for governance, fees, access to private products, and automation strategies. They are focused on governance as the community will drive product-market fit.

The CFi Token economics are focused on a gradual increase in circulating supply creating a healthy environment for all contributors.

Token Supply

CyberFi Token has a current supply of 2,400,000 with 0 in circulation. The last known price of CyberFi Token is 2.40694431 USD and is up 0.00 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 1 active market(s) with $978,997.35 traded over the last 24 hours

To achieve complete automation, CyberFi focuses on three principal areas, cross-chain events, trading, and automation of complex events.


CyberFi collates different prices from many exchanges and streams live feeds on the platform. Therefore, the protocol uses different price ranges to come up with the best price, depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Above this, CyberFi provides various risk mitigation measures in respect of assets whose prices are highly volatile. Using price divergence indicators, its automatic smart orders help participants to trade safely. Therefore, all the traders need to do is set their trade parameters, thus utilizing the PDI Change Speed (PDICS), which the protocol embeds into automatic smart orders.

Automation of complex events

There are several automated processes on the platform which deals with liquidity provision, yield farming, and trading. Examples of automated processes relate to LP tokens, scheduled removal of LPs, and the buying and selling functions. The exact automation depends on the parameters which the users set.

Cross-chain events

The CyberFi protocol allows automated cross-chain interactions enabling users to access other services on different blockchain networks. 


The CyberFi native token is CFI, useful for governance and transaction fee payment. This ERC20 token grants users access to different products and automation strategies.

The total supply of CFI is 2 400 000. However, the circulating supply will gradually increase over time to create a healthy investment climate.


The CyberFi community will decide on LPs and other tokenomics through voting. During the beta testing stage, users who give practical feedback will receive rewards.

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