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Digital Token
DateDec 01, 2018

What is erc20 token? How to create your own token

ERC20 is the protocol standard that defines some set of rules which need to be met in order for a token to be accepted on the ethereum network. This set of standard rules are applied to all ERC20 tokens since these rules are needed to interact tokens with each other on ethereum network.

Smart Contracts
DateNov 27, 2018

Blockchain smart contracts use-cases & Real Life examples

Various real-life applications are using blockchain smart contracts to empower their business in an automated way. If you are in a need to build a smart contract based application, contact our experts' team. They will guide you to build a secured application in various industry like supply chain management, product tracking, payments, stock trading, digital identity, medical research, mortgage etc.

Bitcoin Security Solution
DateNov 20, 2018

How to solve the custody problems faced in crypto exchanges? DEX solutions

Another solution to the problem is decentralized exchanges. The main advantage of the platform is the user control their own funds irrespective of exchanges. In the recent days, there are a number of decentralized exchanges had been developed by our coinjoker which aims to solve the problems faced by institutional investors.

Bitcoin Trading
DateNov 16, 2018

Bitcoin OTC Trading desk development - How to set up ?

Our Team coinjoker has a valuable experience in this crypto space since 2014. We develop OTC desk platform with the deep liquidity, complete transparency, customization, and 24 hour client admin dashboard. The features we deliver in OTC desk development are o The traders can enable lock in purchases instantly, without waiting for bank response time. o Direct one to one communication from OTC desk for rapid support o We can make the platform making the direct communication with brokers for transaction flexibility.

Bitcoin Exchange Script
DateOct 30, 2018

Bitcoin & Crypto Exchanges Clone Scripts Available

Most of the people started spending their lot of time in learning programming and ended up in failure. It is quite difficult. You require spending plan, you require permit, you require security specialists to check for vulnerabilities in the framework, you have to hire coders and designers, you require costly server frameworks to have and some more. Regardless of these things, you may figure out open-source code and fix a large portion of the bugs and include interpretations, after quite a while you will be exhausted doing that and that will cause you in inconveniences.

Cryptocurrency Tokens
DateOct 12, 2018

What are security tokens? A complete guide to launch STO

It’s quite simple that the crypto tokens which qualifies for the howey test is said to be the security tokens. It is the the type of financial instrument with digitized securities which will have particular monetary value. These tokens can be traded, exchanged and circulated just like the cryptocurrencies. These tokens also run on the ethereum blockchain and there are some defined standards exist to be qualifying for the ST20 tokens.

Local Bitcoin Script
DateOct 03, 2018

Sellbitbuy develops the Localbitcoins clone script

To do this job much easier, LocalbitcoinsClone script is designed by sellbitbuy which is used to architect the website like localbitcoins. The script offers limitless opportunities like Client Admin panel dashboard, order book, Payment gateway, secure wallet integration, bitcoin escrow module etc.

Bitcoin Exchange
DateSep 15, 2018

Insurance policy, Security checklist for bitcoin exchanges

CryptoProtect will be disseminated by PolicyPal Singapore and endorsed by "AA" appraised worldwide back up plans. It will secure crypto-wallets and savvy contracts against arrange framework hacks.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Services
DateAug 29, 2018

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Development Company !

Cryptocurreny Mobile App Wallet Development for storing and transferring cryptocurrencies even more secure and easier with the blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency Tokens
DateAug 20, 2018

Create your own ERC20 token - step by step process

The initial step in ERC20 token creation is developing a code structure for the entire supply. The codes can be are written on your own if you are a developer or else it can be executed by the good expertise companies.

Decentralized Exchange Script
DateAug 18, 2018

Decentralized Exchange Script

Decentralized exchange script offers Peer to Peer(P2P) exchange platform using smart contract techniques. Coinjoker provides advanced DEX script to build your DEX website.

DateAug 16, 2018

ICO Script To Build Your Own ICO Website

ICO Script Software helps to launch your own crypto Initial Coin Offering website to run ERC20 token creation under blockchain and smart contract applications.

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