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  • Bitcoin Rocking.. $1,000 in First Day of 2017 Trading..!

Bitcoin Rocking.. $1,000 in First Day of 2017 Trading..!
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin Rocking.. $1,000 in First Day of 2017 Trading..!


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital money & decentralized payment system. This system permit people to send currency to each other without the need of a third party, like a bank. As digital equivalent of money - it's just one person transferring money to another person, no bank involved in this process. 

Bitcoin is a unit of the money that is moved around by the Bitcoin network. Central to Bitcoin is a public ledger, known as the Block Chain. 


Advandages of Bitcoin :

Bitcoins are developing in popularity and there is a susscessful trend of businesses accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment system. Many big companies like Electronics , Furniture, Jewelry, Bedding , Clothing  etc...

The main advantage is Reddit accept Bitcoin. Today, More than $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins are circulation around the world, with millions of transactions involving daily.

Bitcoin is a very fast payment method & done instantly. This is a main advantage, particularly for small business platforms.

Finally, one more advantage relies on the security aspects is 100% owned by you. This the major advandage for business people's. Because no one can access your bitcoin . At the same time no one can freeze your acount details..


Making Your Bicoin Exchange Business in Online / Offline

Bitcoin Security must be impeccable to Start Business. 

Each transaction is only subject to 2 pieces of data: a public key & a private one. This is another additional advantage.  Anyone can see your public key , that is your bitcoin address. But no one can see your private key, that is secret.

When you send a bitcoin,  ‘sign’ the transaction by combining your private and public keys together, and following a mathematical function to them. 

This process creates a certificate and that proves the transaction came from you. This is totally different from the traditional credit card transaction, where you need to give your payment card number, expiry date and CSV number.  Coinjoker removes all security complexity of running “ Bitcoin Exchange Business ”


Will bitcoin replace gold..?

Bitcoin, also known as a crypto-currency. Actually Bitcoins are not provided by a bank or government. One of the great revolutions of 21st century is bitcoin. While gold will always be the first place of safety net for a purist . Today the millennials believe bitcoin to be the digital gold or the new gold.

Now a days, It seems it is truly a digital age, as proved by  bitcoin high over gold.  The world is increasingly turning to bitcoin as a safe haven.


Bitcoin Price Tops $1,000 in First Day of 2017 Trading..!! OMG..!!

Predictions 2017: Bitcoin hits $3,000, blockchain rules the world … A Victory for Bitcoin Users!!

Complete Solution for Bitcoin Exchange and Trading Business!! This Is The Right Time To Start Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website! 

Do you want to Become a Bitcoin Billionaire …?  Any doubt in this process or Platfrom..? Get Free Consultations & Ideas in Bitcoin Business Startups. 

We Welcome you all future Bitcoin Billionaire...!! 

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