Bitcoin breaks the record of it’s 2016th prediction

Posted On December 29, 2016 at 03:49 PM
Updated May 09, 2018 at 01:30 PM


2016 is the successful year for Bitcoin & Bitcoin Business Startup as analysts said..,the year as almost to end,Still bitcoin prices in upward movement to reach it’s desired value.

We all know about “Bitcoin” is storming from the past 2 years,,Why because means it’s way back up to $1,000,In the last month itself,bitcoin has swollen more than 33% and keep thriving ahead.What you people think about it’s success factors ,As like i mentioned down?    

Supply & Demand 

Daily we meet stock market price value of Dollar,How it increasing ?
It happens due to it’s Supply & Demand in the market,Keep this in mind same to Bitcoin,hope you understood.

Traders Interest

Impact of bitcoin price penetration,Traders come to treat as a big solution to economic & political problems,interest among the public has been keep stimulated because of banking barriers and fiat currency’s unstable. 

Lack of Trustability
We believe Bitcoin is more secure & safe for payment,Understanding makes the product “hit”,Bitcoin really met this achievement around traders that’s why it holds it’s inflation in fortune.


In the past year,Bitcoin value totally has decreased due to its’ strange,But in 2016 Bitcoin met a huge success in it’s history,Yes it’s value nearby $1000 ,no one were predicted.

“You need it [Bitcoin] to be accessible, you need it to be usable and you need it to be relatively stable.”
Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage

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