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Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payments..? You Must Know !!
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Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payments..? You Must Know !!

Bitcoin Boom in Japan : 

The number of merchants accepting Bitcoin in Japan has grown by more than four times in the last twelve months! According to a latest survey ,the company that runs Coinjoker, one of the major Bitcoin exchanges in the country.

Another report is Aside from the Bitcoin exchange, ResuPress also provides Bitcoin payment processing for merchants similar to the service BitPay offers.

Good News for Bitcoin Investors , 4,200 Japanese shops accept Bitcoin !!

According to NHK(Japan's national public broadcasting organization), the new survey shows that the multiple of stores that accept the digital currency! Especially on the Internet in the Japanese market. And increased to about 4,200 shops as of December 26. Estimated calculation to be about 4.6 times higher than the result of a similar survey a year ago.

Hello Bitcoin Investors, It is also hints that Bitcoin’s use has spread to various industries or platforms. 
For examples include the fashion industry in areas such as beauty, clothing , nail salons, remodeling companies, as well as eating & drinking establishments. 

Bitcoin is not universally accepted yet, but over the past many years, the list of businesses that welcome & accept bitcoin has grown. For example : Overstock.com (Online Shoping -furniture,bedding,jewelry) , Expedia ( Travel Website) , Microsoft (software) , Newegg.com (online retailer of computer hardware and software), Home Depot (home improvement supplies retailing company), DISH Network (American direct-broadcast satellite service provider) & Intuit (business and financial software company) . Many small businesses & industries accept bitcoin payments as well. 

Which Online Websites That Accept BTC as Payment ?

  • 1)    US Hobby, an online shop that sells various gadgets

  • 2)    Osbourne Head, a shop that sells shampoo and hair products

  • 3)    Bam Boo Baby, a shop that sells baby products

  • 4)    TabsWear, a U.K shop that sells clothing

  • 5)    American Bullion, sells gold.

  • 6)    A1 Decals, sells decals

  • 7)    Advance Disposal, rent a dumpster in Sacramento.

  • 8)    WordPress, online blogging website accept bitcoin.

  • 9)    Reddit, a social and entertainment focused site, allows users to post news (Users can now buy      Reddit gold with BTC.)

  • 10)    Namecheap, a website that offers affordable domain names.


How to store & spend bitcoins :

Another main use of bitcoin is for low cost money transfers, that is particularly to foreign countries. The average price of a bitcoin transfer is about $0.04. It takes just over nine minutes to complete process.  Making it appealing for people, who need to send money overseas.

While bitcoins are used for illicit activities, the uses of bitcoin that include paying for internet services like web hosting and advertising. There are also several popular online shops set up for the specific purpose of permitting people to shopping with bitcoins and mainstream retailers are increasingly accepting the virtual currency.

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