What is the structure & revenue of the cryptocurrency exchange system ?

What is the structure & revenue of the cryptocurrency exchange system ?



Structure With Security :


Cryptocurrency exchange script ( Coinjoker ) is written on PHP programming language with advanced framework. The main components of the cryptocurrency exchange script is :

1. Exchange rate graph by the currency pair 

2. Complete Orders for the purchase and sale of currency 

3. Trading history 

4. The trading volume 


These are the main components not alone for cryptocurrency exchange system success. In every exchange system, security is most important i.e. “escrow” enables the double verification for security purposes on crypto currencies exchange system. If you’re aiming to build the cryptocurrency exchange website, give the first priority to secured applications. 


Coinjoker - Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution is one among the best to provide escrow enabled exchange system. We techies to launch your cryptocurrency exchange website and give the opportunity to trade from all over the world with the most secured.


How You can Make Revenue On Exchange Website : 

Revenue is generated by the following transactions on trading website : 

1. Setting pricing plans to traders 

2. Dynamic commission

3. Trading fees 

4. Deposit/withdrawal fees 

5. Margin from orders matching  

6. Google Adsense

Business can customize your income plan with various ways in exchange website which makes income as a surplus stock exchange transactions.


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