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What's New In  Coinjoker?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

What's New In Coinjoker?


What is CoinJoker?

First of all, we want you to get clear about what is coin joker!
Coinjoker is a complete cryptocurrency exchange solution arrived with the name of local crypto exchange script. By using this website script you can easily set up a bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchange website. 100's of bitcoin enthusiasts witnessed our exchange script can help them to start their bitcoin exchange business over the globe.

Coinjoker is unique than other bitcoin exchange solution!

We come up with some special functionalities and add-ons to make our exchange script unique than other solutions. Have a look at here!

What is special in Coinjoker?

Offline trading mode:

People who are well aware about bitcoin network / bitcoin exchange websites will know that bitcoin trading will happen only through online. But coin joker breaks the restriction and came out of the door to explore it uniqueness. Yes, we introduce “ Trading with Offline Mode”.

Our goal is to achieve kick off the spamming and hacking. When everything comes to online it makes a free path to hackers. So We focus on the security features and after the continuous research, we like to integrate offline trading with our script. Using our script people who have fear to make a trade with online can go with offline mode.

How will the offline trading works?

Buy/sell bitcoin locally with direct cash. Here the seller/buyer can directly meet each other. in their local place and can make exchanges with their coins. To get more details, speak in personal with our sales Executive: Skype - Osiz.tech

Introducing Escrow services:

Coinjoker expanded it services to providing secure bitcoin/cryptocurrency transactions. So we like to introduce the escrow payment method.

What is escrow?

In general, escrow is a financial arrangement which can manage and regulates payments between two parties to make a transaction. The core functionality of escrow method is, to focused on the secure transactions. It helps the transactions to be more secured by keeping the payment on a third party escrow account and the amount will be released only after validating the given details. And if the details not meets the agreement provided by the two parties then the amount will not be released from the escrow account. Escrow method encourages the dispute of payment if the buyer is not satisfied with the transaction.An escrow account is useful for the transaction which involves larger amount.

How escrow works?

1. Buyer/seller agree to the terms and conditions of each other
2. Buyer pays to the secured escrow account, the seller will be notified about the buyer's payment.
3. Seller sends bitcoin to escrow wallet. And verifies the details and quantity of bitcoin
4. Buyer receives the bitcoin from the escrow admin.
5. Seller receives his payment from the escrow admin

Coinjoker is ready to integrate this secured escrow service with your cryptocurrency exchange website.

Multi-signature wallet:

We are glad to introduce multi-signature wallet application along with our crypto exchange script.

What is multi-signature wallet?

To make a bitcoin transaction a multi-signature wallet requires more than one approval from the users who are authorized to manage it.

Let us have a scenario that a bitcoin wallet is authorized by two majority persons, then to make a bitcoin transaction it will require approval from both of the people. The main advantage of a multi signature wallet is no one can utilize the digital assets without the approval of others.

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Why CoinJoker?

We offer you all the above services along with our bitcoin exchange script. Start your bitcoin exchange business with advanced security features.

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