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Stop what you're searching to build exchange business on cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Stop what you're searching to build exchange business on cryptocurrencies




Stop searching! Your search surely ends at to acquire a cryptocurrency exchange software to build cryptocurrency exchange business !


A realistic software would be the big change to build cryptocurrency exchange platform success, where a brilliant investor would be interested in buying it.


Bitcoin is number one top cryptocurrency around the world. So, having the lot of competitors based on bitcoin business still. Total crypto investors focusing to build cryptocurrency exchange business rather than other business ( mining, gambling, wallet, ico ). Still business with cryptocurrencies are the highest demand in a crowd. But lack of cryptocurrency exchange business success will be happened because of hiring wrong development sectors.


As brilliant business investor, you already know where your bread is buttered. Yes ! it’s obviously lack of consumers ( traders) who the one most important for business success . If you are business platform running without consumers ( traders) , your business cannot thrive, standing with less survival period in web jungle exclusively cryptocurrencies business jungle.


What exactly cryptocurrency exchange software doing for this cause ? We will see on the flow of this article.



What cryptocurrency exchange software do for you?


Cryptocurrency exchange software marking its milestone to build the worthy bitcoin and altcoin exchange business website with additionally can add the numerous currencies as customer’s demands, providing marketing solutions & remarketing solutions.


Software understands people demands and helps you make the strong connections with your customers by providing new, unique exchange/trading features. you can acquire new traders automatically if some unique concepts locate at your platform at that time you can expect more profit from business. Cryptocurrency exchange software offers the following features for cryptocurrency exchange platform:


  1. Supports multiple fiat currencies like USD, EUR, RUB and more.

  2. Supports payment cards, SEPA, bank transfers, wallet support

  3. Moderate liquidity, high bandwidth and high transaction speed

  4. Designed to support daytrading, margin trading, margin lending, leverage trading and advanced trading methodologies.

  5. Merchant tools available

  6. Easy to get native mobile application ( Android & IOS )

  7. Supports 2 factor authentication

  8. Wallets with high security

  9. Supports all cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum , altcoin and 755+)

  10. Third-party API integration

  11. High security service ( escrow application )

  12. Charting tools for reporting

  13. Exchange business solutions & additional addons

  14. Trading business solutions & additional addons 

Who is the right one to get the cryptocurrency exchange software ?


Coinjoker provides sufficient security on bitcoin exchange software around the world. Clients have a high degree of excellence, confidence and trust in their business success. Can able to see the change. Depending on the requirements, software gives premium solutions for cryptocurrency startups & investors.


The software designed to provide the power of bitcoin exchanging & trading to both individuals & organizations. We are quality service provider for cryptocurrency startups. Having a good software can uplift your business scope. Having a great software can change your business success ratio. 


When you succeed in your cryptocurrency exchange business, others will think you were lucky. Want to be lucky?


If yes, Just take a free demo ! 

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