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Software To Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Against Phishing !
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Software To Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Against Phishing !


Coinjoker is your cryptocurrency exchange marketplace startup software of choice, but that doesn't mean it's the only choice. In fact, there are more options than ever before, making the buying decision.

Looking for new secured exchange platform to invest your startup ? Because we know enterpreneur, their main requirement is that it has a robust secured platform on every enterpreneurs. 

When we meet with prospective customers who aren't already using coinjoker software, we get asked about a handful of different platforms for bitcoin startup. Now, don't get us, wrong.  Everyone can tell about effective platform with best pricing & smart features. But that is just price and features. They are not focusing for startup hurdles. 

Most exchange software has common security features look for startup solutions but not exact security solutions and when it comes to custom features you're usually better off pulling the data out of yourself. 

If you need to create your cryptocurrency exchange website with more secured, you can try simply using coinjoker software . This is the one of the best solution, though it's a bit of manual work through escrow module applications. 
Software that make it look more professional I recommend using coinjoker that are in the background of the data.This  What's great about against phishing is you have 100% control over what goes into the cryptocurrency exchange & trading platform startup. 


What is Phishing & hacking? 

Phishing is a practice of sending e-mails to acquire information such as User ID, Password, OTP, URN, PIN etc. by fraudsters trying to gather your personal and financial details. This information is then used to do unauthorised financial transactions in your account. Phishing e-mails and websites have a familiar appearance to deceive customers into thinking the sender or website is a Bank/ RBI/ Private Company / Income Tax Office etc.

At choosing coinjoker software, it has started always been endeavour to make your customers trading experience safe and hassle-free.  Coinjoker software focusing prospective startups against phishing & hacking to start their own cryptocurrency exchange platform with 100% secured & success. 



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