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  • Battle Between Google, Facebook, and Amazon Against Banks!!

Battle Between Google, Facebook, and Amazon Against Banks!!
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Battle Between Google, Facebook, and Amazon Against Banks!!

Will Donald Trump & Bitcoin be Good Partners

Most of the people believe Trump’s policies, because that would be finetune for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin’s price get in value, When Trump was first elected in States of America.

Bitcoin has been steadily holding value in a sideways pattern. The Bitcoin broke the $900 range just before The North American Bitcoin Conference and rose another 15% in value after Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Donald Trump's budget chief ( (Mick Mulvaney)loves Gold and Bitcoin !!



Why Trump budget chief pick is Good for Bitcoin???


Why Trump budget chief pick is Good for Bitcoin???

This conjecture may prove to come true with crypto proponents like Peter Thiel joining the Trump team and rumors of Balaji Srinivasan leading the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). All crypto-advocates are laser focused on Trump administration and the ongoing economic confusion taking place worldwide.

Bitcoin investor's eyes have also been focused on China over the past week as the central bank inspections revealed new exchange policies. Isn’t it? The top 3 Chinese exchanges have decided & announced to add fees to routine trading transactions. This news had little effect on the bitcoin trading markets.


The Currency of the internet is Bitcoin

Bitcoin offer to an internet of things financial system like decentralization, transparency and security. Bitcoin also gives a degree of no charge-backs, low transaction costs and anonymity.

Social media and Internet companies continue to expand their financial services, they will also follow to threaten traditional banks. By providing borderless, frictionless real-time services enabled by Bitcoin and its social media , blockchain technology, Internet companies can eventually ensure their dominance over banks.


What do you think about social media????? Internet’s corporation are upcoming financial service providers?

Yes!! They became financial service partner!


Amazon give loans to startups, Entrepreneurs & small businesses.


Indeed, in 2016, “Sellers on Amazon worldwide used capital from Amazon Lending loans to develop sales by an estimated $4 billion. The Amazon Lending program offers business loans to invited sellers on Amazon to help them grow their businesses,” says an Amazon press release.


Google through its venture capital arm, GV, offers startups “physicians, designers, marketers, scientists, world-class engineers and investors who work together to provide these newly establish businesses exceptional support on the road to success.”


Facebook was granted a license to execute payment services by the Central Bank of Ireland - October 2016,


Linkedin Senior News Editor - Walden Siew asked “Will Amazon, Google, and Facebook become banks..?” Landa Grembi replied, “Amazon, Google, and Facebook acting as banks is not news anymore.” And Tarun Sukhani declare “They already are. They own all our information!”

Finally, Coming back to discussion about Battle Between Google, Facebook, and Amazon Against Banks!!

We know, Bitcoin Will Be the Winner !!


What are the easy way to Earn Bitcoins:

There are many Bitcoin Supporters & Investors who believe that digital currency is the future and investing in it today can harvest huge returns later. One of the most popular way of owning Bitcoin is through owning on a Bitcoin Exchange Marketplace & Trading Platform.

Some of the people may choose to keep them for a longer time horizon while others love to profit by selling them as soon as they search an opportunity.

Bitcoin Formula: The principle of "buy low" and "sell high" applies to Bitcoins.

Interestingly, we can use other ways to earn and own Bitcoin.. which are different from the buying them on a Bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin Lovers .. !! Get ready to see Bitcoin Exchange Software Demo..!!


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