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Pitch your bitcoin trading business add-ons in one place
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Pitch your bitcoin trading business add-ons in one place


“Nowadays, bitcoin trading is a new and excellent business concept.”


How & why it is an excellent business concept?

Eight years ago, “cryptocurrency” was a foreign word. But now cryptocurrencies have a special place and market cap of over $4000 USD. So it is the perfect time to start a bitcoin trading business to become rich.

“Bitcoin trading business is not only for cryptocurrencies,
it is the business platform to exchange normal currencies
to cryptocurrencies! “

By implementing the right trading strategies, especially in Bitcoin trading industry. As a businessman you should need to know some trending functionalities before starting  bitcoin trading business platform.


Extend Your Bitcoin Trading Functionality With Coinjoker’s Exclusive ADD-ONS

Engage your traders with a single trading solution marketplace. As an owner, you can offer some great gifts to your business traders through add-ons.


Margin Trading Add-ONS : It is a method of trading that involves borrowing some funds from trading platform. It allows you to trade more than you would be able to trade using your borrowed or balance funds only.  If you want to know more, Just click >> What is margin trading method & its benefits.

Margin lending Add -ONS :    It gives users simply create an account and pick up a strategy, monitor their results with simple charts. Take a risk-less seat & enjoy your trading with margin lending. It helps you earn interest with limited risk.

Affiliate Program Add-ONS:  Your traders can get a referral link , they can invite another users and get rewarded from your end.  It gives high percentage of revenue share, real time users reporting, and also ON demand payment options.  Know more to click >>  What is Affiliate Program & Its benefits.

AML Integration Add-ONS:  It is the only possible way to avoid money laundering and to control the flow of illegal money on bitcoin trading business industry.  It is the easy way to avoid illegal activities in bitcoin trading platform .

Merchant API Add-ONS: several API solutions for automated trading business based on needs of individuals & institutions.


REST API model allows to access bitcoin market data & manage bitcoin trades using custom written trading software.

Web-socket API allows getting real-time user and activity notifications without sending extra requests, this API making it a faster way to obtain data from the bitcoin exchange platform.

FIX API Its exclusively to institutional traders and individuals.

Coinjoker offers a lot of API services for trading business marketplace. If you want to more detailed information about API services, Take A free Demo!


Bitcoin trading business with advanced chart tools in coinjoker !

Advanced chart tools available at coinjoker and its really helping for bitcoin trading business owners. Investors mostly prefer a graphical trading experience! right? So, here you can get advanced trading tools with Visualize your trader orders, trader positions, and their price alerts. They are,


1. Liquidity Add-ONS:  Bitcoin Liquidity is more important for any tradable asset, which includes the math based digital currency Bitcoin as well. Liquidity and stability allows for the creation of secure and transparent of bitcoin transactions.

2. Donation Add-ONS:  It allows you to provide bitcoin donation button to your traders. Get the button & embed button on website and finally you can enjoy receiving donations in BTC. Its amazing opportunity for your trading business platform success.

3. Mobile trading Add-ONS: Its allows track you trades & manage your trades wherever you are! This add-on used for analyze bitcoin trading market data, trading place and cancel orders, monitoring bit coin price changes and deposit all cryptocurrencies.


As a owner of the trading platform, you can drag to change cryptocurrency price and modify order properties. This software offers you can see your traders or users position profits also. Coinjoker bitcoin exchange software has integrated trading view chart tools so you can enjoy a complete software of tools to draw, annotation, download and share your charts!



If you want to exact advanced chart tools functionalities! >> Take A Free Demo

Where to get a bitcoin trading business platform with the above mentioned add-ons for high trade Volume & profit?



Who wants to instantly improve bitcoin trading business by implementing the advanced trading strategies in the bitcoin business marketplace. Coinjoker give you an exclusive add-ons can keep your business running smoothly and also engaging users automatically. So by adding some trending add-ons with the help of coinjoker  into bitcoin trading business can increase the trade volume and also to generate a passive online income.


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